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Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by eisle89, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. eisle89

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    I'm trying to use a 72 or 144 spoke wheel with the 9 bolt sprocket that comes with the Chinese motors. Is the ANY way ???? TIA

  2. HI,
    I've heard that if it is divisible by 9 evenly it should be OK BUT that is ALOT of spokes!....
    Maybe it could fit if you removed a few spokes if it is a tight fit?? Just a thought...with that many spokes the wheel should be real strong!....Also, If you can get a disc brake hub to hold that many spokes our sprocket will bolt to the disc brake hub so the number of spokes would be a moot point...

  3. eisle89

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    Maybe that's the answer, a disk brake hub. Thanks again Andrew, nice video BTW. I'll be getting one of those tuned exhausts from you also.
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    The disc brake hubs seem like the best way, are those exhausts available yet?
  5. HI,
    Thanks for your interest in the pipe....I am still looking for a manufacturer that would do a small production run...So far the one I am trying to negotiate with
    wants me to make an initial run of 250 Pipes....that's ALOT of pipes to have around the shop (not to mention expensive).....I am trying to find a company to do a smaller run....I may make them available as a "kit" (minor welding that any muffler shop could do in case a person didn't have the ability or desire to weld it themselves).
    I'll try to post more info as it comes in but it seems like it may take a while on the pipe....
    Thanks for being patient!