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    hey dudes,

    So, i'm moving from Fort Lauderdale Florida up to Gainesville soon, to go to college. I've been investigating my options as far as transportation goes. Gainesville is pretty small and i just need something to get around campus really. So i'd like to leave my 240sx parked for a while and put around on some cheap 2 wheeled transportation instead.

    I started looking into getting a scooter or moped, but the prices seem a little ridiculous for what you get, theres alot of hype around them right now with the way gas prices are... after going to look at a beat up and rusty 80's Honda express scooter and trying to talk the guy down from his $750 asking price, I decided to explore my options. I can't bring myself to spend $900 on some plasticy chinese scooter or over $500 on a beat up moped... then I stumbled upon this place as well as "the other forum".

    What a wealth of knowledge! i've been trying to absorb as much as I can and have learned alot this past week. I figured it was time to introduce myself.

    I got a good deal on a Schwinn Jaguar and it's going to be the base of my build.

    my inspiration is Dbower22's board track racer, this thing is 989847298374X cooler than any scooter or moped i've ever seen.

    I need some more education before I pick an engine, but right now i'm leaning towards the Honda GXH50, unsure of the gearbox and rear hub i should go with though...does anyone put out a kit for the Honda engine without having to buy the Hua Shueng engine with it?

    I look forward to building this bike up with your guy's help!
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  2. WELCOME TO MBc! When I saw that second pic I was like "I seen that here before!"
    I like your Schwinn!
    What are your dogs names?
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    Welcome to MBc from the Giant Side of Texas!