spooky tooth bike



Hi, this is my first posting, so just let me know if I should be posting in a different forum category.
I got one request to post about my Violation made by Spooky Tooth. I also have a specific question on maintenance, but will post that in another thread.

What I can tell you about the Violation is that it seems to be pretty reliable. I don't ride it over a half hour without giving it a 20 minute break first. But it holds up fine as far as I can tell, for the 30 minute rides.

I was riding with a loose muffler for a few weeks, which ended up leading to a disintegrated piece of gasket sealer. So my bike was un-muffled. Being not very mechanically savvy, I'm curious as to whether or not that is unhealthy for the engine in the long run, and thoughts on that? In any case, for the week or two that the muffler was sealed on, I can't remember it sounding very loud. (This was something Sam had asked about)

The break-in period was a pain in the #@$. it was 4 tanks of gas, which can take a while when you're only driving 20 minutes at a time. But maybe it's like that for most 2-strokes...I don't know.

Aside from the parts that weren't functioning properly due to my own ignorance, I'd say the parts have held up well.

It's not a bike you can peddle all that easily without the motor running--but it's doable, and isn't too too strenuous. They have another model in their line for $25 more, which gives you a 7-speeds on that bicycle side. Had I known about it, I would've gone for that.

It's fine on hills, especially after it's broken in. I peddle on steep hills just to treat the motor good.

The one weird thing was that I always had to leave the choke up for atleast a minute before the engine was warm enough to stay on with the choke down. That goes to my specific question though--another posting.

Let me know if you all have any questions. Sam's questions are pasted below.

Cheers, Josh

1. Engine noise. I know you are bundled up right now when you ride (at 20mph that must be quite a wind chill) but I'm wondering how their muffler performs.

2. Reliability and maintenance. How does that bike stand up to mile after mile of riding? How often do you have repair or replace parts?

3. Hill climbing ability.

4. Vibration/comfort.

5. Is it easy to peddle that bike and get exercise since it doesn't have a centrifugal clutch?

One reason that I'm so interested is that I have a GEBE kit, which I don't consider to be particularly reliable and which costs about as much as your entire bike - with engine.