sporcket help on new build



guys about 3 months ago i built my first motorized bike...its so much fun. its a 80cc motor chinease on a 24" mountain bike frame. I need to make it go a little faster. Currently i run 28 mph with a 44 tooth sprocket in the back. anyone know the pitch on the chain or where i can get a cheap 32 tooth sprocket. Can you guys give me some feedback on what sppeds can be acheived with these engines the engine is rated at 6,200 rpms 3.9 hp. Will post pics of bike shortly. By the way this is an awesome site:eek:




HI Ralph,

FWIW - On a 26" wheel you can expect about a 1 MPH increase in speed for each tooth you lose off the 44T sprocket. On my Dax 70 I can hit 34.4 MPH at roughly 6300 RPM using a 36T srpocket (I personally don't like to rev it that high tho for fear of blowing the engine due to high rpm)......I may gear to a 32T before long tho...But I do erun a tuned pipe on my bike also.

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