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Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by reddbak, Feb 5, 2009.

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  1. reddbak

    reddbak Guest

    G'day all! Been a long time since I did the stroll through this website.

    Gotta be at least a year when I started my motored bike. The missus needed one first for travel to work and back, so I dropped a Zbox 50cc HT unit into her MTB frame and it runs very sweet.:grin5:

    Then it was mucho trials and tribulations designing and fabricatiing all the custom bits for my ride. Three design changes later and as many months labour, I had a swing-arm frame with 3-speed hub as a Jackshaft. This of course did not work as I pulled the hub apart for servicing and couldn't put the bugger together again. It then became apparent that the swing-arm was way out of alignment when viewed from the front. I did of course blame the meds for this and many other fumbles along the way.:sweatdrop:

    I all but gave up on the project, but after a restup and rethink I started designing again. Upon perusing this site I was inspired to once again take up the angle-grinder and welder to begin a mad, but passionate journey into motoredbikedom. I reckon my greymatter has soaked-up everything there is to know about these Chinese HT engines and the associated problems with their running and drivetrains.

    It is with many thanks to the contributors who make this site so informative that I finally present my nearly finished Reddbak-One stealth cycle. Tis satin-black in the hopes that the Wallopers (police) will continue not to notice the li'l 70cc engine tucked away betwixt the framework. She rides very smoothly and is quite comfy for my ageing posterior.:cool2:

    Forgive the lack of detail using a mobile phone for images. I shall upddate with better pics and more on the build at a later stage.:D

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  2. machiasmort

    machiasmort Active Member

    Nice work!

    Stealth, Hhahaha!

    They'd never notice a 200lb man shaped like a cannon ball doing 30mph!!! I have the same problem here in NY. Quiet that thing down!
  3. kcpoloman

    kcpoloman Member

    Thats a nice bike you put together.
  4. I dig it. So what was the final solution for the jackshaft? Is it a multispeed? Although I love the look, it looks more chopper motorcycle (suspension, tank, mirror and...well motor) than bicycle, not super law stealthy. Pedal when you see the fuzz and let off the throttle.
  5. reddbak

    reddbak Guest

    Yes it does look more motorcycle than bicycle, but I just couldn't come up with a design that would keep the bicycle look and be semi-recumbent. Due to a disability, I feel quite awkward and unsafe on a diamond-frame. But I'm working another design which seems more bicycle friendly atm.

    The 'stealth' tag and concern over the coppers was mean't to be 'tongue in cheek' so to speak. The local law here in Bundy don't seem to mind these HT engines as long as you're not riding it as a motorbike. I haven't had any issues so far and yes I pedal when I notice them. They have however, clamped down on rack-mounteds and I reckon some of these were also being ridden by DUI offenders.

    The Jackshaft is a rear wheel hub with a 36T sprocket welded to a spacer tube then welded to the left spoke-flange. The rightside has a five-leg star bracket welded to the spoke-flange and a BMX style Free-Wheel cassette spun-on to the outer. The assembly is off-set to the rightside. As I said, more pics are forthcoming.

    Today I'm bending and welding a new exhaust manifold as the old one was rushed and has a lot of leaks. The Db are quite low as I made a replacement inner baffle-pipe for the muffler from drilled 16mm OD tubing. After swiss-cheesing the tube I rammed muffler putty halfway along and fitted a baffle-plate at this point. The baffle-plate was fabricated from a suitable welshplug and has six holes drilled around the disc.
  6. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member

    Awesome build!!

    Welcome back!!
  7. mikem

    mikem Member

    Lookin' Good!

    Very nice looking bike. You've got the knack for sure. Will be looking forward to the more detailed pictures.
  8. Looks like my Aussie cousin

    Not a lot of stealth here / there. But the Wallopers actually like my bike. Gives em something to talk about between donuts.

    No Worrys Mate!
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  9. reddbak

    reddbak Guest

    Info update

    So I've fabricated a new exhaust from manifold plate to engine pipe and was about to attach the current muffler I mentioned previously. Then I got side-tracked during my lunchbreak with a gaggle of designs I remembered. So I'll post them for interested viewers and make a decision later.

    For now I'll stick with the top design, which is the current one and perhaps fabricate and test all the rest at a later date. BTW I discovered that an old steel, bicycle bell cover is the perfect size for the muffler casing end-piece. I also have a stainless-steel, Yabby-Pump that is the exact size for a new casing, hence the longer units in the drawing.

    I've also included the electrical diagram which is in the works. The battery is now 12v 7Ah. :D

    Well I previewed the images and they've submitted about half the size. Anyone tell me what I've done wrong here?:rolleyes7:

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  10. reddbak

    reddbak Guest

    Sweet ride mate. Nice flames!

    I had airbrushed gold, Tribal-Flames on a Midnight Blue tankwhen I first completed this build. But I had a little accident and the bike dropped a metre down off the service ramp. Too many scrapes to do a decent repair.

    What is the tank off or from?

  11. Tank

    I got the tank from about a 1999 Taiwan Whizzer & the speedo is a simple weld on from the top. I can't take credit for the L@@Ks.... But a modern Garmen GPS would be the same & be the BOMB!!

    Your bike is screaming for a HT double. Garmen in the middle. Check out the aftermarket Harley Davidson design for a suitible Quick BOB!!!
  12. reddbak

    reddbak Guest

    Okay, nifty, I didn't like the look of the bean-tank supplied with the engine, so I covered it in filler and shaped it into a mini-sportster. But that'll be stripped for a redo in expander foam under a grp coating.

    Finished the exhaust and will spray with VHT tomorrow. While it's drying I'll take the chainguards off and snap some closeup images of drivetrain for posting.

    I must admit I haven't yet seen a HT double. About to checkout yer albums.:grin5:
  13. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    very sweet looking motor bike

    looking at those pictures sure does make me want to go out and

    ride that THING
  14. reddbak

    reddbak Guest

    Thanks Mountainman. I'll take that as an extreme compliment. There isn't much that I haven't built from scratch on this one. I'll have the missus shoot a video and post it somewhere.
  15. I like muffler design #2. I've been thinking about some intricate muffler designs myself. Covering the works with fiberglass tape and having the outlet pointed at the ground help too. I was thinking about using a post for a chain link fence for the main body, they make domed end caps for the outlet too.
  16. reddbak

    reddbak Guest

    baffled explanations

    I should add a few notes on the various designs.

    The top unit is what was supplied with the wifes 50cc kit, except for the pipe. The original was simply crimped in the centre. This tinny specimen was replaced by 16mm mild steel tubing, drilled and had a ball of muffler putty rammed to halfway. The baffle plate represented by the thicker vertical line was puttied to the indie walls of the casing. The centre baffle tube slips into a 19mm sleeve on the engine pipe which is welded to the front bell-end.

    The second unit is common in older cars with the casing being oval and the engine and tailpipes being offset as a rule.

    The third is the most interesting to me and comes from a vintage motorcycle book on handy tips. Four 19mm PVC tubes were inserted into the casing and as luck would have it these were a tight fit. The author of the diagram claimed a considerable decrease in noise which suited his neighbours of the time.

    Number four is a variation on the second, but I expect it could be louder with the dwell section rear-most.

    The bottom unit is also common to factory vehicles, should be fairly restrictive and quieter than #2.

    I have all I need for #3 so it's a go sometime in the future.:cool:

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  17. jlebh1

    jlebh1 Member

    very nice bike wouldnt mide making one similar my self
  18. reddbak

    reddbak Guest

    frame artwork

    This is the artwork I started with.

    Frontend is custom-built using handlebar clamps for the tripletree blade locksBlades are 25mm OD tube. Backbone & Downtube are 32mm OD mild-steel tube, Rear Legs and vertical supports are 25mm and Jackshaft bracing is 19mm. Wheels are 24".

    I don't mind supplying artwork with measurements in metric. But it's basically like any motorcycle frame and this one's scaled down to around 70% of a Harley Bobber pic I had.

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  19. echotraveler

    echotraveler Member

    dont worry about it looking like a motorcycle! it loosk pretty nice!!!! some red here and there and you,ve got a nice looker! maybe you could ad padding for you back

    nice ride!
  20. reddbak

    reddbak Guest

    Additional Images

    Yeah I'm thinking I'll dust-off the old sign-writing kitbox, pickup the old lining-Brush and drag a few orange and rd pinstripes along it's flanks. I toned down the redback-spider stripe on the tank as it stood out like the proverbial dog's gonads.

    I snapped a few closeups of the hand-made Jackshaft, hand-made Centrestand and a view from behind the hand-made saddle of the handmade bars.

    Look closely and yer'll see the stripe on the handcrafted tank cover job. A closer inspection on the righside of the tank will see the cap restraining wire made from Bowden Cable. :detective:

    Oh ... and nearly fergot me handmade, extra-wide Saddle to support me 240lb mass. The base of which was fashioned from an old TV Satelite-Dish. :whistling:

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