Stock throttle cable aftermarket carb.

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by Ra1977, Sep 3, 2015.

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    Recently I ordered a high performance carb for 49cc (2cycle) MB kit and after I ordered realized the performance carb I ordered doesn't have a throttle cable with it. I emailed the person/s and they replied by saying there are videos of how to incorporate the stock cable to work with the performance carb

    . Well...... I couldn't find any videos. anyone know how ?

  2. 2old2learn

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    If your cable is long enough then you can always create a new cable end that matches what your new carb requires. If you have the option to purchase a new cable that will just plug and play then jump on it. Otherwise, get a board of hardened dry wood, oak, hickory, walnut, persimmon etc. Then depending on how the cable end needs to be oriented, in line with the cable or 90 degrees to the cable, you then drill a hole either down through the face of the wood the diameter of the cable end you need for an inline cable end or drill a hole in the side if the board the diameter of the cable end you need and as deep as the width of the desired cable end.

    In either case the hole needs to closely approximates the size of the cable end. For the 90 degree cable end similar to most brake lever cable ends, after drilling the hole into the side of the board you will need to drill a cable size hole into the middle of the tunnel you previously drilled to be able to insert the raw cable into the cable end you are about to create. Mount the board in a vise or in a secure method so that the larger hole is vertical. Get some silver solder and a propane torch and some solder flux. Force as much flux into the hole as is possible. Fire up the torch and heat up the hole and flux and then begin to melt the solder into the hole until its full of solder. Quickly heat the cable end and then insert the cable end into the molten solder and hold it in position as it quickly cools down.

    Once cooled it can be cut out of the wood with a pocket knife or a wood chisel. Done right its ready to use. If need be you can clean it up with a file or a dremel tool.

    Cable ends made this way are very strong.
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    dont even need the timber. just carefully let it form into a ball on the end of the wire. can tend to jam in the slide, but thats only an issue when you remove the cable which you only have to do when changing the eclip on the needle.

    crimp/fray the end of the wire slightly so its really held in the solder.

    electrical solder works but be prepared for it to let go if you tend to really twist the throttle to the stop, hard...

    the only really annoying part is when you trim the cable just that tiny lil bit too much and you have to try and remove some of the outer sheath without damaging the cable...
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    Since I have no idea what carb you are running hard to say. Now if you are running a Dellorto clone SHA they make cables for them. If not you can if you have the skills cut the outer cable to make the inner longer.