Throttle Cable Issue: Need Help


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Feb 19, 2024
Hey folks,
need a bit of help over there.
Been having issues with revving up my little engine lately, and I strongly suspect it's got to do with the cable of the throttle. Take a look at the pic I've attached. Noticed how the sleeve seems too short? It's likely causing the spring not to engage properly. When the sleeve reaches those screws, there's just too much slack for the spring to kick in effectively. Unfortunately, when I twist the throttle, it doesn't seem to be moving in the carburetor. Any ideas on how I manage this?


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There is a little notch inside the carb that the black slide has to fit in. Try to rotate the black slide and see if it drops down.
The black slide does drop down, but when I pull the cable, it seems like the slide isn't being pulled or responding accordingly. It's as if something is preventing it from moving in response to the cable. So, what's the issue with it?
When you hold the gray part and pull it, it won't compress because the cable doesn't pull the slide. There might be the problem there.
You are going to need to fab up a longer cable adjustment barrel that is on your carb cap, or buy 1. Or buy a different cable. Or shorten the cable itself.