Stopping a hot OCC

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by Byron, Apr 28, 2009.

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    I just finished a 80cc(??) early OCC chopper w/5sp derailleur, rear disk brake, using SBP's shifter kit & tuned chamber exhaust w/ ported cylinder. The bike is scary fast, to the point that I really need a front brake. I was able to mount a 200mm front disc to the wheel, but got tripped up on mounting a caliper. I had to mount the disc so close to the wheel, to clear the forks, that the caliper now interferes with the spokes. QUESTION !! Has anyone been successful in mounting a front disc brake to an original OCC chopper front end. If not, what is recommended for a front brake ?? .......REALLY NEED TO STOP. :sweatdrop: Byron

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    hey ive got a occ chopper (its one of the ones on the grubee website made for motorizing) with a 70cc HT how hard was it to fit the SBP expansion chamber? and I dont think that I could use the shift kit because my bike doesn't have gears for one and 2 if I could find a occ wheel that had gears I dont think that any in australia came out with gears.
  3. I am not to familiar with that bike.....does it have a front brakes at all?....If it runs rim brakes up front you could upgrade the front brakes with either with upgraded pads and/or the new Triple Play Maxi Brakes.

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    Front Brakes

    Andrew: This is the first version OCC Chopper put out by Schwinn, and yes, it had no front brakes. I scabbed on a set of 'rim' brakes from an old 10 speed I had laying around. I checked out a local cycle shop, and they sold me the only set of pads that they said was available for the early rim brakes. I'd be interested in these 'upgraded' pads your talking about, and especially these 'triple play maxi brakes' you mentioned. I'm very ignorant about bicycles in general, with my activities being with the Mustang scooters and a few models of the Cushman line....Byron
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    Upgraded pads make all the difference in your stopping power. I got the Bell brand $10 extra-length pads at Wal-Mart, and my bike stops 3X better than it did with the stock pads. Any really high quality brake pad will make a world of difference.
  6. HI Byron,

    I'll post more info on the upgraded brakes when I get some pics....In the meantime, upgraded pads from companies like Kool Stop (I think that's them ) can help alot over cheap brake pads like those typically found in K mart or Walmart.....BUT i either case some front barke is better than no front brake! ;-O

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    I know somebody here welded a small steel plate across the forks above the front wheel. Drilled a hole in it and mounted a set of bmx/old style side pull brakes.
    Disc brakes on the front wheel of the OCC is a bad idea anyway unless you re-spoke it to 2 or 3 cross arrangement. They come radially spoked stock so you're apt to tear up your wheel using disc brakes.
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    Stopping that OCC

    I'm the one that did the welding for mounting the side pull brakes. They work just fine thank-you. I don't care how you re-spoke that front wheel, there is not enough room to mount a caliper because of the lack of room caused by the close spacing of the forks. I've researched many different calipers from several different bike shops here in the Greater San Jose Calif. area, and all agree that the problem exists. Now, far from being a bicycle expert, I'd love to see pictures of your solution to this problem. In the meantime, seeing as how my little Chopper is running just fine, I'll be selling off several pieces (new) of excess parts left over from this project including free-wheeler sprocket. couple of chain rings, couple of brake discs, caliper, brake lever, 2 sp shifter, chain breaker, various chain lengths & couplers, several cable housings,etc. More that likely in a month or 2 I'll be selling the little Chopper after playing with it for awhile, hopefully recouping my expenses so I can move on to another project they say hasn't/can't be done....Byron

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    Hey Byron

    Whenever you want to sell some parts let me know.I am also in San Jose.
  10. Byron

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    Selling motorbike pieces and parts.

    Thanks for getting with me, I'm to **** scotch to through this stuff away. I understand your in San Jose. I'm at the far East end of Tully Road in South San Jose. Give me a name and Phone No. so I can make arrangements to show you what I have. You might even be interested in my motorized Schwin Chopper (bran new), for the price of parts. Less that one tank of gas........Byron
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    byron, could you give some pics of the mustangs and cushmans. ive had both and would love to get another of either. thanks mitch
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    Hey Byron,If you still want to sell some parts or even your bike let me know.I just finished my chopper but would like to see what kind of mods you did on yours.