Stuck Screw

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by lukasd2009, Aug 5, 2008.

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    After taking off the crank case ( the cover of the right side of the engine if your looking from above with the chain going back on the left ). I need to remove the large screw so I can replace the woodruff key, but I can't get into it because the large screw is wayyyy tight. I think that the engine turned it on itself and made is super more than human tight cause I can not turn it.

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    You can try heating up the small gear with a torch, then you should be able to remove the screw. I also used a small screwdriver and wedged it in the between the 2 gears to keep them from turning.
  3. lukasd2009

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    I'm afraid to have an open flame anywhere close to my engine cause its a pretty leaky fellow... Don't want to catch the whole thing on fire :p.
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    remove the fuel tank and carb

    Then wipe off the oil from case. Applying torq to the screw and have some else fan the torch back and fourth and not just hold in one spot... Then of course if you are really really anal. Have a Halon extinguisher near bye.
    Make sure the driver fits tight in the screw head to minimize chance of rounding out the square angle in the slot. Driver should not have slop in the fit. Large drivers have a hole at the end to put a cheater bar in for more leverage while pushing in hard on the screw head.