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Jul 23, 2020
Alamogordo, NM, USA
Just got back home from a short 10 mile pleasure cruise...I can tell you that Bofeng carby makes a real difference on these Zeda 80s...If you remember, I had bought my Zeda kit in May of 2020, thats before they started using Bofengs as stock on these...Mine had the usual NT, and while it was good, the Bofeng is definitely better, smoother throttle response through all ranges and noticably better gas mileage as well...I went from 95 MPG with the NT to at least 115 MPG, if not a little more already, and its idle is sooooo smooth, as I prefer a lower idle which is of course very quiet in comparison as well.

All in all, a very satisfying street rider for all around town use and a very pleasant ride today cruising between 30 to 35 MPH at a quarter throttle...lol.

When i read about all the problems other members always seem to be having with their bikes, I feel i am truly blessed to have such a fine running machine, built the right way, the first time...It doesn't get much better than this with these things...lol...The only real nuisance was just the drive side chain guards that were constantly breaking off and it appears I now have that problem solved too...lol...Robb

Ps...60 degrees today here in Alamogordo, perfect riding weather and no wind today...4500 ft altitude above sea level...lol.

The new chainguard weighs in at one full pound and is slightly larger than the cheap kit ones that only weigh in at 5.6 ounces...heavier guage steel than stock...It is mounted using two "Adel" clamps from F-16 fighters to secure it on the frame of the bike, fore and aft, rather than attaching the front to the motor so as to avoid metal fatigue and breakage caused by normal motor and road vibrations.

Item Weight‎1 pounds
Manufacturer Part Number‎PCC CG11

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Nice chain guard upgrade, my Zeda starts and runs good, just never manage to get 3 or 4 miles without something coming loose, or falling off :) I'm keeping it anyways, it's just so cool to fire up and blast down the street. For a serious commuter I am eyeing one of these, 52V, 19.2 Mah, full suspension, blinkers etc. I have to get off my scooters, with 10 in. tires they're to risky for an old dude like me.


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I’m glad someone had good riding weather this weekend, yesterday it was raining/snowing and today the wind was blowing and near freezing. We don’t usually have this kind of weather. If the sun was out it would have been better.
Glad you had a nice ride Damien and Greg Im sorry about to yuck weather yall arw dealing with over yonder way.

I worked on bike project for my wife today.. we had high 60s and suppose to be mid to high 70s tomrrow and then we get a cold front here in central part of Texas and by Thursday night its suppose to be around 13° F for a low.
Im sure we'll have water pipes freeze up at our house...lol

We have crazy weather here, can be 80°F one day and then a day later dip into teens at night and then back up to 70s or so in a couple days.. cant ever get used to it and its dang sutw hard to plan around that kind of weather.

I might fire one of my old bikes up and take a rip up the road tomorrow if I have time