Sydney MBc rally, who is in?

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  1. OK... It's time to plan a Sydney MBc rally in June 08

    I am thinking of planning a rally in June 08, will post times of departure and google map of route, Km travelled from A to B, rest stops etc etc....

    Any ideas will be gladly accepted, i was thinking of ending rally at Centennial Park because of the facilities, space, plenty of safe roadways and easy locality

    I need feedback and some help fellow MBc brothers and sisters.

    Lets get Sydney on the map!!!!

    I'll start the ball rolling by asking..... Saturday or Sunday?, we need to establish the day of MBc Sydney rally

  2. will_start

    will_start Member

    First Sydney Meeting or The Meeting of FSAAA and WILL_START


    Well only FSAAA will probably read this, but...:grin:

    We arranged to meet to check out one anothers bikes,
    have an intro to organise a proper meet.

    FSAAA designed the logo that all you guys wear on T-shirts and have
    on the clucth plate stickers by the way.(good job Bro)...

    We met at Wynyard station, rode through the Rocks, and sat at pier 2 and chatted about our bikes,life, and some dude with a really cool bike turned up
    and asked us questions about the motored bike and my foldable bike.

    The foldable is a Giant Brand bike. I'm riding that as my MB needs repair.
    (aint that the truth)

    I made a cable tie "repair job" to FSAAA's new tank, what a blast that thing rocks dude.
    FSAAA adjusted his chain tensioner, we then headed off to our respective places of work.

    So, I, Will_Start am in the yellow vest, and FSAAA is the one with the T-shirt. The Harbour Bridge is in the background, just to prove we are in the centre of Sydney.

    We will have another meet and I'll bring my bike next time, as it will eventually start again...


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  3. WOAH! Your not fat LOL!!!

    Amazing pics!
  4. will_start

    will_start Member

    Its not how much you weigh that counts, its how big is your heart.

    ok, a little of subject but on picture, yes,
    I can now confess I weigh the same as I did 20 years ago.

    Its not how much you weigh that counts
    its how big is your heart.

    thats so carping soppy. :rolleyes:

    Large you rock dude, don't sweat the little stuff.

  5. will_start

    will_start Member

    The Gathering...of Details


    Well I'm going to go out on a Limb here (I always do that hmmm :evil: ) and Post what I know so far: plus add a comment where needed.

    1. Venue for Meet:
    Centennial Park, exact location To Be Confirmed.
    2. Name of Meet:
    The Gathering.
    3. Date of Meet.
    15th of June 2008
    4. Time of Meet
    5. Number of Riders:
    5 so far and Growing.
    (whether this is an open or closed invite is yet to be confirmed.)
    open, we invite friends/family/hangers-on
    closed, riders and confirmed invite only)

    I'll add more details, as we confirm more.

    I'm starting to get a vision myself of a painted Bed Sheet or Maybe a Tarpolin, with the following wording (the words need work)

    The Gathering:
    of Sydney

    I have the technology to build such a beast.
  6. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    Best of luck man with your were always telling everyone;pics. :)
  7. will_start

    will_start Member

    maps and sats

    thanks fetor, we have labelled the meet, The Gathering, rather than Rally,
    as we've got a 5km track to circuit as many times as we want.

    So we could end up doing more kms than a rally anyway.

    If you visit the above link and copy and paste in

    Centennial Park NSW, Australia

    then you can see the map1.jpg as attached.
    click the satel-light link and you get sat1.jpg

    just filling in the details...:cool:

    I like water-views myself, so we may park near one of the ponds.

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  8. impression

    impression Member

    I'll be there for sure if my bike is built in time :)
  9. will_start

    will_start Member

    Updated Details

    1. Venue for Meet:
    Centennial Park, exact location To Be Confirmed.
    2. Name of Meet:
    The Gathering.
    3. Date of Meet.
    Saturday 14th of June 2008
    4. Time of Meet
    5. This is an open invite.

    BYO Food/Drinks and Friends.

    There will be a ride to Bondi Beach and Back to the park,
    for those interested on the day.
  10. will_start

    will_start Member

    Sugguested Location

    This is for FSAAA,

    I have seen a good location for The Gathering.

    Has Seats a BBQ and Toilets.

    I put a square around it in the attached Google image.

    Musgrave Road is a dead-end Street, which would be a good spot,
    for trying out a bikes before taking a lap.

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  11. impression

    impression Member

    would the national park be a good spot to go to >? ( near sutherland )
  12. will_start

    will_start Member

    Thats 40km away from where we have chosen so far.

    Yes, it is a good spot, but we would have a less central location.

    Yes, I live up the road from Centennial Park, but its got a nice track and facillities,
    and is central from South and North.
    Rail and Car links.

    BTW, is travelling on train with a Petrol Motored Bike Legal ?

    Its got petrol, so I assumed its not.

    Maybe someone else can tell me whats real here.
  13. impression

    impression Member

    I dont see why not, the fuel tank is sealed when shut, the only issues i think is when you head west, the bogans can smell the fuel and come up 'can i have a sniff cuz!' LOL
  14. will_start

    will_start Member

    Travelling with bikes and other wheels

    RE: Bikes on Trains
    Toxic, inflammable and/or hazardous materials are not permitted on stations or trains.

    I guess it would come down to wether the guard noticed the motor or not.

    In the below Nowhere does it say, No Petrol Motors.

    So Impression, once ya bikes running, you could
    make it to Centennial park, with a quick ride from Central.

    taken from:

    Travelling with bikes and other wheels
    Bicycles are permitted on trains free of charge on the weekend and in off-peak periods. However, if part or all of your journey is made between 6.00am - 9.00am or between 3.30pm to 7.30pm on weekdays you must purchase a child ticket for the bicycle as well as a ticket for yourself.

    This applies to both standard and folding bicyles as well as those that have had wheels or other parts removed.

    When you're travelling with a bicycle, please make sure it does not block doors and passageways used by CityRail staff and passengers.
    Riding bicycles, skateboards, scooters or skates on CityRail stations and trains is prohibited.

    Manual wheelchairs and battery powered wheelchairs and scooters used by passengers with a disability are permitted on stations and trains. See Accessing CityRail for more information.
    Bicycles are permitted to travel on Sydney Ferries if there is room in the bicycle racks - first in, first carried.
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  15. impression

    impression Member

    My bike is running, so work permitting I'm definately in :D
  16. kjparker

    kjparker Member

    Schweet, that is only about 10 minutes from me! I should be able to make it, assuming all is well with my bike!
  17. impression

    impression Member

    about the bikes on trains thing, ive taken my motor'd bike on the train a couple times now and had no issues :)
  18. llopart

    llopart New Member


    I have just built my motorized bike. Hopefully I will have done the break in and the 500 km by 15th of June, so I will be there!

    See you soon mates
  19. impression

    impression Member

    i'm just under 1 week from my bike being ridable and i've cracked 100km already... these are so much fun to ride.

    Don't forget to post up some pics/vids in the gallery of your masterpiece :D
  20. will_start

    will_start Member

    We changed the date to the 14th of June

    Good one, its fun in the early days.

    we changed the date to the 14th of June,
    see above.
    As someone was coming from Newcastle who couldn't do

    So we're getting more riders.
    As this is open invitation,
    you can invite friends.

    My earlier concept was that we could offer rides
    to people. The below is an attempt to
    prevent issues from bike sharing.

    Now this is up to the individual rider to approve.

    Here's a "concept of engagement":

    If we are asked
    0. Can I ride your bike ?
    1. Decide if you want this person to ride your bike.
    2. Offer a reason, for either Yes or No.
    3. Offer to Have a Test Run, and Approval.
    4. Do we have a mentor rider ?

    1 & 2, This occurs within your own time and way.
    3. If I think we should offer a test run first
    on Mulgrave Road. Its a dead end,
    with a slight slope.
    what better road for starting a bike.

    You can then assess to check the rider can ride
    your bike, before allowing a lap of the park.

    Offer any suguestions for ride improvement.

    We could send a group around rather than a single rider.
    So there would be a concept of group integrity running,
    where they all report back on what the ride was like
    and where they went.
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