Tanaka 40cc Staton vs. Bladez 47cc: Racin', crusin' and WARP speeeed

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    hey y'all, i got in touch with an old friend today. he asked if i still had my scooter. i said yes, then he saw my bike and wanted to ride.. and we rode for the rest of the afternoon. he rode the bike, i rode the scooter. we had a BLAST

    i filmed our riding with a gopro that alternated btwn the scooter and the bike. i divided the footage into three categories: racing, cruzing and WARP


    the scooters faster. i backed off in the first race cause of the ****ty pavement


    i was hysterical watching him on the bike, it's the first time i've ever seen someone on and i now know why ppl always stare and laugh lol.. also, the looks from the people in the last clip are hilarious. after my friend passed the party ppl on the hill, one guy pointed at him and looked hella puzzled

    WARP- top speed runs on the bike

    top speed runs on the bike... hit 27 according to the gps... couldn't break 30 :censored: the scooter can, but i wasn't feelin' fast today, just wanted to cruise
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    please watchin in 720p