The 2013 YD66cc Ape Hanger Pantera 7S

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    My typical 66cc direct drive build like this would not usually warrant a post up here but I wanted to make a point about Ape Hanger handlebars...

    I've built 3 or 4 bikes with Ape Hangers and I can't stand them but for some reason these were actually comfortable to ride with and I think I know why, they are wide enough and not too tall.



    I don't know the make or model of the bars are, the customer bought the bike and had those handlebars put on at the bike around the corner but I can find out if anyone wants.

    Everything like the clutch and 7-speed shifter as well as the dual pull V brake lever and throttle fit on pretty well.
    Just enough room as it were.

    Expect a lot of cable work to make it look at least acceptable but the foam grips I put on I think the long bars might even take more of the road out your hands as I didn't feel anything in my hands.