The PHX Bird Flys from the Ashes

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    So Here we are ,and It's Arizona Bike Week, a Ten day event of thousands of Harleys Cruzzing all over the state,and Yes we here at Helmutt Cycles are ready to Ride our New 1937ish Hot Rod too. Going to the Various shows,West world the Big event, Buddy Stubbs Harley Davidson,then On to the Steel Horse Saloon on Sunday,Traveling With Our Own Helmutt Cycle Gurl "Mizz Robyn Dietrich" and Our New Motored Bicycle.. The Gurl doesn't Come with the Kit,I'm Keepin Her, But Ya can have a Bike,,we'll get You One,or 20 your Choice of Colors,out fitted your way and with your Co. Logo on the tank . Build from the Quenton Guenther EZ Kit Too.. Ride Safe have Fun.. Snake Bite/ Nelson Helmutt, Designer,American Maufacture,and general Motor head

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  2. StillDream'n

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    Hi Snake Bite,
    Wow a very cool looking Bike :) Need to know more about the Guenther EZ Kit. Have fun
    Joe Pierson
    Fresno Ca. USA
  3. Snake Bite

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  4. KilroyCD

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    Hey Snake Bite, great looking bike! Nice lookin' lady too. Does she have a sister? :whistling:
  5. ren

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    Very nice bike Snake Bike! If ya don't mind me asking, where did you find thoes handlebars? I've been looking for something like that but wasn't sure what they would look like on the bike. Very cool.

  6. Snake Bite

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    No she doesn't have a Sister,, But the Bike will Soon.. Yet I just If was able as a Manufacture to replicate Her I'm certain the Sales Climb off the charts,, Buy a Bike get a Gurl ???? That's Bad
  7. Snake Bite

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    Hmmmmm?? I think I bought them from My favorite Bicycle Shop a Few Years ago they are poslished Aluminum,, a Little short though and I did Invert them to see if they looked good as the dropped Board tracker Look, and they did.. we'll be flipping them upside down,when we go to the Cow Palace and race Tim Carns of with Our Hopped Up Quenton Guenther Motor

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  8. StillDream'n

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    You guys need to get your self a very "*****en" Frame, for your Whizzer! "USA made" That says it all !! :)
    Ride a USA made bike that your proud of ! More later
    Thank you,
    Joe Pierson
    "82nd Airborne"
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  9. azbill

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    I love that frame !!!
    welcome to MBc from FH

    also, a fellow EZM dealer :cool2:
  10. Snake Bite

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    Flaming Thanks "-)

    Thanks Guys.. For all the Good JuJu,, We need it.. Snake Bite
  11. StillDream'n

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    Hi Guys,
    Snake Bite is building me one :) :) Frame that is, Mine will have a Quenton motor with Bill Green's new Head, and crankcase cover. That is Frame,Tank, Tollbox,Whizzer foot Plus all Mounting Hardware!!!! :) And Power Coated!!!
    More later :)
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  12. RdKryton

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    Now that's what I call a good start!!! Keep the pictures coming when the build starts.

  13. Snake Bite

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    Ya Know Joe, That Girder fork Is doable.. So I am going to Build One.. A Leaf spring seems to Fun..
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  14. StillDream'n

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    Hi Snake Bite,
    Sounds cool and I know if design it will work good! I would like to see a drawing of what you have in mind.

    Girder forks, often used on Indians and some aftermarket choppers, use one set of fork legs that move up and down with the road surface and use a set of parrallel arms and springs at the top by the steering head for suspension
    Like this?
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