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    This Is a Question?? for Americans Curious if it's Possible to Build In America and Compete with China/ other third world classed Country's who just flood our country with cheap throw away products??

    Well think that way and Building in America and competing with foreign bikes.. Now It may be true the price is a percentage Higher,but not really when You consider,the trade off Is a better product , employing Americans,and the ability to include dealers,and end users as small final assembly plants,sometime plants Of just one or two people, maybe YOU,,Cutting through a heck of a lot of red tape,able to change,or improve designs Quickly and Having the pride of Made In America,By Americans,and you qualify if you are an American and Have simple tools, and have ever say fixed your bicycle tire,lubed your chain,or changed the handle bars etc..

    OK Now lets cut to the chase?? Remember the Phoenix Bird story?? out of the ashes a new bird flys ??? Well I live In PHX AZ.:) and there is a NEW FLEDGLING that would Love to fly to Your state.. Now we here In PHX. are looking for your Input, your interest,, your ability to have a part of a new American revolution, to be a percentage change to our country from just being consumers to producers,and maybe need your own Bail out Plan..You know a great American, Old Paul Harvey "who also lived in PHX" Just died so I will say in his memory to You.. Good Day......

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    This is an excellent idea.

    I, for one, would be able to fab some parts or do assembly work, in my own garage.

    I moved this thread to General Discussion , as this idea needs to get out to everybody. *
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    this sounds like (American) good idea !!

    will be watching so as to see if I can be of help ((in any way))

    we all need to be thinking !!!

    ride the motor bike thing
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    Yes for the most part. No for other parts until it is going to be absolutely necessary.

    I see that GM is going out of business in a hurry, maybe we, and I don't mean our gov't, can take over their plants for production of the type of vehicles this country really needs made by parts made by the people that will be using them. We did it once and we can do it again.
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    Thanks Dave, for steering this to the right place.. I'm Green at this site.

    I'm Not shure if you all are aware but so far did do a small trial runs with this concept,for the last year and a haft with Tim Carns/www.solanocountychoppers.com ,, WE Here In PHX did and are supplying all of the Fabed parts, frame front ends tanks tool boxes drop stands etc. and Tim and his son Rory are doing the final assembllys then they do the shows and there sales are still kicking.. they set a standard price of 3700.00 yet the customers are optioning that up,and his average price he's able to sell at is right at 6000.00 bucks.. Tim is a straight shootin Guy and I think his attention to details with his assemblly and his cutomers needs, is his real success Have You all seen his final finished Bikes??. One of my thought's are a Box Of parts ship alot cheaper than a complete finished Bike,and the needed parts to finish a bike are usually right in your local grasp if not allready in your shops,,and once done You have a great American Made product ready for Sale or Use by the the guy that build his one of a kind for himself...Soon I will have pictures of the new Bike,, as I'm going to the Powder coat shop this morning to pick this Bike I'm building out Just In Black an X machine with a Built Motor.. of course you Know Simpson does have the other Bike for sale in kit form.. Maybe Nudge him for a Price He's having trouble believing anyone can afford One... Tim and I are still working together closely, and he will be doing this new Bike also but I will be selling the kits directly to anyone who wants one and I will also be doing finished ones too.. I'm Calling my finished bike Helmutt cycles.or the Helmutt. it's a Dog thing :) PS. I can sell with color or without.. Motors are around, I think it even Makes sense to take a whole stock "we''ll call that a "Stock Gizzzer" robe it of the good stuff wheels seats handle bars etc. and ya got a new Kickass Motor Bike,also the EZ will do a fine Job too with simpler yet contruction... Most all Harley freaks will not be able to just walk by.and I beliece will want one. Thanks again Guys the Snakester/ Helmutt
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  6. Good Ideas! I'm able to, and do, fab parts as well!