The 'Silver Surfer' GTS MB

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    The 'Silver Surfer' is [nearly] finished! I still have some mechanical tuning, as well as mounting lights and gauges. I designed this, last fall and bought the parts over the winter. It was only recently that I carved out the time to do the project.

    I started with rebuilding a 20 yr old GTS Mt bike; including a full frame rehab and polish. Then came the motor - high compression, ported/polished, reed valve, perf carb, CDI ignition, tuned expansion chamber and a SBP jackshaft. With 8 speeds, [gear cassette 11-34 tooth] I can do everything from mt trails to 'way too fast'. I am still breaking in the motor, so no gonzo blaze; as yet. A few days ago, I took it past a stationary police radar - 6th gear, mid RPM, had me going at 48 MPH. With the full suspension, it was as smooth as any small motorcycle.

    Due to having such little time, I did not take many pics of the build.

    One thing tho - my hands are happy this project is nearly done. I remember why I quite working in a machine shop; many years ago.....
    Silver Surfer sm-1.jpg

    Silver Surfer sm-9.jpg Silver Surfer sm-10.jpg Silver Surfer sm-7.jpg Silver Surfer sm-8.jpg Silver Surfer sm-4.jpg Silver Surfer sm-5.jpg Silver Surfer sm-6.jpg Silver Surfer sm-3.jpg Silver Surfer sm-2.jpg Silver Surfer sm-1.jpg
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    Nice build. Keep posting your results as you get it broken in
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    You went hard on this