tucson police mb harrassment comment

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    I am one of those who was doing 25 in a 40 zone in the bike lane and was impounded and ticketed by TPD.
    To take this thing a little further, AZ DMV says no license, insurance, or insurance is required for MBs, and doesnt bother to tell you about the Tucson City ordinance about the 20 mph exemption to the state law.
    Furthermore, I was coasting downhill to reach the 25 mph allegation and NOT under power although the motor was on.
    The city prosecutor, after reading the charges at the arraignment said, " Were you on a motorized bicycle? Dude you have to plead not guilty and fight this."
    So, I did, and I am. I will keep you all advised as the proceedings move along.

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    Stick it to the man. Contact the spooky tooth bike folks I think they are in Bisbee I know they are in AZ and maybe can help or offer advice.