It is cool. I imagine that boosting the pressure with a turbo would be tricky on a 2-cycle. It could well affect the inlet volume 'tuning' (much as exhausts are 'tuned' to the engine, so are the inlets, I believe.) Even if the boost pressure doesn't affect the inlet tuning, the addition of the TurboCharger certainly added volume to the inlet.

It might be that his final comment saying that the torbocharger "Didn't work anyway" was more an issue with the inlet changing volumes, and thus detuning the engine, rather than the turbocharger not working...
I've never seen a turbo charged 2 stroke. But it sure does look sweet! I couldn't imagine it producing too much boost. And no way to regulate the boost? I think the oil leak was the least of his problem.
uh guys... it's a 4 stroke motor. :confused: This project is totally bad ***, I wish he finished it.