Turn signal, break light, license plate set up?

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by bikejock, Mar 13, 2015.

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    I'm trying to get a simple yet sturdy set up for a turn signal break light and plate bracket for my build so it can be deemed street legal by the state of California so cops have no reasons to pull me over. I'm sure this question has been asked before but I'm not sure if anyone has used a turn signal, break light, license plate set up on this type of bracket before. Here's a pick of the bracket I plan to use on my rear rack:

    It's about 4 inches wide.
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    Really??? Nobody has a solution for me after over 100 views? I was thinking of installing two chrome bullet motorcycle turn signals using L brackets. Has anyone ever done that on a rear bike rack? I found a set of motorcycle turn signals for $12. And a pack of L brackets run for about $3 to $5 at my hardware store. I would need to see if they have L brackets that match the turn signals threading. I would also have to learn more about how to wire it to the engine similar to how it's done on scooters. Another thing I am thinking of doing is getting turn signals that match on the front to.
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    Hi, try Each Buyer.com. and look for turn signals, they can be had pretty cheap.
    Tthen get a flaasher from them, and a inexpensive battery and charger. Mount the battery and flasher on the rear rack, if you want to make it better buy the handlebar switches, the one with the brake lever and brake switch on the left.
    If you search on the other forums you will find the wiring guide for these. Also you can buy a horn from them as well. The front mounting brackets are mirror mounts from the same place, 8mm I think.

    Hope this help, I hid all of the wires inside my wooden cantilever cover.

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    I found a set of 4 bullet shape turn signals with 10mm threading for $30. I'll have to go to the hardware store to see if they have L brackets with 10mm bolt compatibility so they can fit the rear turn signals. If they don't I suppose I could drill bigger holes in smaller thread L brackets.

    For the front turn signals I found a set of motorcycle mirror brackets that could fit on both sides of my front fork. I'll need to get some electrical tape to get them to fit if my fork tubes are to small.

    For electrical stuff (battery, fuse box, flasher, etc.) I was thinking of getting a 30 cal water tight ammo can and drill some holes for the wires and waterproofing the holes after running the wires through.

    I'll need to get the ammo can to fit on the side of the rack. I want to keep the top of the rear rack and one side avalable for cargo purposes. I was thinking of using a car battery holder and some brackets with bunge cords to tie it down more securely. That or I might drill some holes in the ammo can so I can bolt it to the side of the rack.
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