Up and Running



Well my Cannondale now has its Edge friction drive attached and the first gallon of fuel through it. While scrounging through my old stuff, found two Specialized Fat Boy Slicks. You run them @ 100 PSI. Lowers the rolling resistance. Well the edge carborundum wheel did a good job of taking the round off the Fat Boy so I fit one of the wooden rollers.
Wifey clocked me at 32 MPH. That is 270 pounds of Kahunna one bike and engine. It is the Tecumseh 49 cc. It seems cold blooded as I had to run it a little over half choke for a loooong time until it straightened out. It is a brand new engine so maybe it will wear in. Also have discovered the aggressive riding stance of a mountain bike is not conducive to a 50 year old back. But that is in the future. Happy to be rolling!


you've made your motoredbike sound so tough i just gotta see the bad baby...fat-boy's are cool tires. we need a nice picture gallery with closeups, please 8)