Updated BMP Friction Kit Design

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    The BMP friction kit now comes with dual drilled engine holes for front wheel mounting. Also has sleek curved design which also eliminates brake interference on oddball frames.





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  3. jg767

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    BMP going out of business

    I just checked their site, they are no longer selling kits. What a shame. I bought from them before and they sell a quality kit. Is this a new trend? First Spooky Tooth and now BMP!
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    Thank you for your interest in our kit. Unfortunately after about 8 years in
    business we have decided to stop manufacturing the kits effective
    immediately. This is mostly due to the competitive nature of this business
    and the price wars, making it difficult to stay afloat unless you decide to
    have an inferior product made in China. Manufacturing increases are also a
    factor in this decision. We will continue to stock certain parts, but only
    for previous customers who are in need of a replacement part for their kit.
    We apologize for this inconvenience and best of luck in your quest for a
    bicycle engine kit.

    Website: www.bikemotorparts.com
    Email: info@bikemotorparts.com
  5. Wheres my dog

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    i BOUGHT TWO KITS MYSELF.... top notch products and customer support as well!

    I hate seeing this happen to a company...
  6. BentTooner

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    I bought one of the friction kits a couple of years ago and was very pleased with it and the service and support.
    I was about to buy a new BMP chain/belt kit when I saw the message on the site that he was closing shop. So, I'll put it together myself.
    That's too bad because the new kit looked like a great idea.
    One minor problem I saw was that you couldn't get the engine for the kits from BMP and you couldn't get the sprocket and hub adapter for the chain kit from BMP.
    So, getting all the pieces together makes the chain drive a little harder and expensive than just popping on a friction drive.
    I must admit, I don't see how there's any money in selling friction kits for $98 as Dax appears to be doing.
  7. cpuaid

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    After finally getting hold of a cheap used Robin EH035 to specifically mount on the new BMP kit, I logged onto their site to place an order and was shocked to see that they were out of stock! I came back here to see what's up and now hear that they're actually closing shop? It's getting harder and harder to find a quality American made product that was reasonably priced. BMP will be greatly missed.
  8. strotter

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    Anybody have a update on BMP? Their website says they willl be back up at the end of June.....
  9. darwin

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    Its sept ...............................................
  10. loquin

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    Looked at it yesterday.

    When you get to the kit buying section, it says that they are 'IN THE PROCESS OF ACQUIRING NEW INVENTORY.'

    And, some of the individual parts and sub-kits (chain/belt combo drive conversion kits) have prices associated with them. I don't know if you could order any of these parts or not.
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  11. happycheapskate

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    I think it's out of business, but if they come around before I get a Dax kit, I would like to have one. They had a lot of good reviews on this and other mb sites.
  12. rohmell

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    How's My Warranty Now?

    I bought a BMP kit in 2010 with a 5-year warranty.
    Now, the website has been disabled, and no means of contact or service.
    How's my warranty now?
  13. happycheapskate

    happycheapskate Active Member

    That sucks. Dax is picking up their lost business. I got 2 kits in the last 12 months, I like them a lot.