Exhaust Updated photos with 2nd muffler - stealth!

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    Here are some photos of my bike as it sits right now. I added a secondary muffler (about $20 in parts). I was going back and forth about which big dollar one to get, and at the end of the day I bought a $6 briggs and stratton muffler. The reality of it is that much of the engine noise is coming from places OTHER than the exhaust. This setup DOES kill that little "crackle" though, and doesn't seem to affect performance much if at all. You'll see the "pet screen" that I put on the back to hide the engine from the rear view. Also in these pictures that weren't in the last ones are the new pedals, seat, and bar end mirror. I rolled up to a stop sign just a few minutes ago and a cop was coming the other way (with his windows open) and he didn't even hear me, or "see" me. He SAW me, but he didn't SEE my engine, etc. Here's how it looks:







    Let me know what you guys think! The elbow coming out of the engine is NOT twisted at all...just looks that way from the blob of brazing rod that melted on there before the metal was hot enough to be brazed...DOH!


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    Warner, you are definately the STEALTH King. way to go dude.
  3. Stealthy....I like it!

  4. Warner

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    Thanks for the supportive words, guys.....it helps!

  5. tghastin

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    I am definitely copying this!
  6. Warner

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    Cool! Which part(s)? I'll tell you what you need to duplicate what I've done...

  7. tghastin

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    I meant the idea in general, not an exact copy. I won't have the same setup as you either. I get my kit in next week. I ordered a staton friction drive Honda gxh50. I am going to mount it on a hardtail moutain bike of some sort (I am looking at several but the ones I like the best so far are the Giant Rincon or Raleigh Mojave).
  8. Warner

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    Oh, okay. Well, let me know if I can help in any way. It took a bit of planning and looking to figure out what I've got. Once it's done it looks easy, but getting to that point can be challenging. Good luck!

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    Nice looking camo job Warner. Any chance you could shoot a quick youtube video (with the same camera) so we could all hear the difference in exhaust tone?

    Have you got a ballpark estimate of the total weight you've added to your bike since you started? The Staton kit and extra threaded rod looks like it might start adding up. Sorry, but being a backpacker, I can't help but look at things from an "ounce perspective."
  10. Warner

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    Maybe I'll have time later to get my kid to shoot another video. Was busy today working on one of my cars (the killer '68 bug with a 204hp aircooled engine) - got that running right again (sucked in the intake manifold gasket!).

    I have NO idea how much weight I added, but the bike is NOT unwieldy, even at low speeds. You can ride it just like a bicycle if you want to; no problem. Outside of the Staton kit (and he could tell you what that weighs, I'm sure), all I added was a few pieces of aluminum angle (which weighs almost nothing) and a few sections of threaded rod (And the bags). I don't know....I'm not real weight concious with this build...a few pounds isn't going to matter much at the end of the day. The thing cruises at 30mph and gets over 150mpg....those were my requirements, basically.

    On a funny note, I rode it this morning to pick up donuts for the family....and when I got to the donut shop, there was a cop inside eating. He didn't notice me pull up, and I pedaled a half block before starting it (I know....WUS!). On my way home, with the dozen donuts in my saddlebag, a very funny thought came to mind. I was thinking if I DID happen to get pulled over, I could unzip my saddlebag, pull out the box and say, "Could I interest you in a donut?" It had me smiling as I rode.....

  11. The motor is invisible, nice work it beats riding under the cover of darkness like I do.
  12. Warner

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    Hope you have some type of light, SVH! I'm scared to death to ride it at night without a light...Hehe. It's just a matter of time before a cop sees me cruising at 30 without pedaling...that will be the true test.

  13. Warner

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    Another exhaust mod...

    Well, I modified the exhaust even further. I added an extension on to the end of the muffler (actually a 90 degree elbow) and another piece of straight pipe. Those two changes made it much quieter - probably about the same amount as adding the second muffler! I'll post photos later....nothing too exciting, but it works that much better. I noticed what I think is a mild improvement in low end, and I'm still able to hit 30 no problem. I won't have more info on the performance changes (if any) until I can take a longer ride...I just blasted up and down my street because it's getting dark out and I don't have a headlight.

  14. No light, just reflectors I am on a side street and speed limit is only 20 mph. The Dokken song Night Rider keeps going through my head, not my favorite song but approprate.

  15. ihatemybike

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    You know Warner, you're making me want my engine even more.
  16. Warner

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    What's the latest Aaron? Did you find those suspension forks for me?

    Talk to you soon,

  17. ihatemybike

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    I have the fork put back together, just haven't had the time to find the dust covers for the sliders or the caps for the crown. Technically the fork works without them, just looks nicer with them.
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    Nice setup Warner. I'm going to have to try that muffler attachment.

  19. Warner

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    Tracy, here's the latest exhaust mod. I added another elbow onto the end of the muffler and another length of pipe onto that. At idle, it's pretty darn quiet! At full throttle you can definitely hear it, but it's WAY quieter than it was stock (and the Mitsu is considered quiet in stock form). I may have gained a bit in the midrange and lost a bit on top, but I need to do some real testing beyond just buzzing up and down my street to know for sure. It still breaks 30mph in any case, which is fast enough for me! When watching the videos, keep in mind that the camera was practically on top of the bike when I came by, and that they pick up certain sounds much more than others. It's pretty quiet....esp at idle. I'm also convinced that much of the noise is NOT exhaust....it's INTAKE noise.


    Here's a photo of the exhaust as it sits now:


    And here's a video of it before the exhaust mods were done:


    And here's a video of it after the exhaust mods were done:

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  20. Warner

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    Let me know when it's ready....and then we'll talk about how much $ you need for it, okay?

    Thanks bud,