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    i have been reading up on gas powered bicycles for over a year but have never owned or built one until i came across one for sale on craigslist for a pretty good price. it's 66CC 2 stroke gas motor on a single speed cruiser bike. i've had it for 60 days now and have basically had to reassemble / rebuild numerous parts on it. the guy i bought it from claims to have built many of these and all this one needed was a new bike chain because it was kinked and kept jumping off the sprocket and it would also need a new exhaust gasket. being mechanically inclined, i bought the bike after a short ride around the block, not realizing how much work it actually needed.

    here is a list of things i have corrected so far on the bike.
    (1) threads stripped in crank from peddle, peddle kept coming off.
    (2) spring clip on rear sprocket kept coming off, making the sprocket wobble, thus making chain jump off.
    (3) exhaust mount studs were broken and exhaust pipe was held in place with tapping sheetmetal screws.
    (4) front motor studs broken and motor held in place with braided wire drilled through frame.
    (5) exhaust pipe missing internal baffle! just a huge hole in bottom of pipe!
    (6) engine chain kept rubbing against the rear tire.
    (7) gas tank studs broken, tank strapped down in rear carrier!

    it took me over a month to correct these things and i have been commuting to work 24 miles a day, 5 days a week until my clutch finally seized up on me. i probably have put 300 miles on the bike so far. and hopefully once i get the clutch rebuilt, i can put on a few thousand miles more!

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    yes -- welcome -- great intro

    man a lot of little repairs that you had to do there

    hope that all goes well with your clutch repair

    and many miles wished for you as you

    ride the MB THING
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    Hey I am doing the same thing with a craigslist project. I went through and tightened everything and changed the rear wheel since the tensioner tore out the spokes on the second ride.

    As far as your clutch, take the screws out of the cover where the drive sprocket is and look and see if the chein is kinked up in there. That is what is going on with mine, apparently the chain is too loose so I am taking some links out and then putting a spring tensioner as despcibed in other places on this site.