vertical mount driveshaft mount system


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Jul 3, 2008
Medford, OR
Just thinking a little here. I ran across a website ( tat uses a driveshaft instead of a chain drive for its pedal system and thought it was pretty darn neat. Then I thought, why not incorporate that into a drive system directly from the engine?

After a little more research, I cam across a few motorcycle driveshaft systems, some of which mount the engine with the engine driveshaft parallel to the chassis and utilize a worm gear to drive the rear wheel.

So now I'm thinking, 'Hey, how about a vertical shaft engine (like a lawnmower engine) mounted on a rear rack driven by this type of system?' I've seen people make a friction drive with a vert. mount, but never with a direct drive system.

Is this workable? Has anyone done this before? If so, why haven't I seen a commercially available system like this?

Questions, comments, flames, bugars. Let me know what's on your mind here, guys.

You'll be surprised to see this.

Yes, it COULD be done, but with a vertical shaft engine ,,,the extra parts, weight, & cost would be prohibitive, in my opinion. You would need " hypoid gears " at every 90° turn. Direct shaft from motor, down to first hypoid gearcase turning power toward rear , another hypoid gearcase at rear axle. Not counting figuring up clutch assembly, etc., etc. $$$$$ . Maybe there is a workable type, but I don't know about it.
I wonder, even with the new chainless bikes,, how hard it is to change a flat on the rear??
with the right machines and time to calculate it all out, mock it up in plastic, then either go or no go.

i'm thinking frame mount and jack shaft to a crank freewheel. adding the freewheel will be where the machining wizardry will come in. the rest is shelf parts now.

i would think that Zomby Zach amoung others here could do one with the nec. funding.

That, or find a roto-tiller gearbox designed for vertical shafts. The horizontal output shafts spin at about the right RPM for a bike.
Steve, are you talking about running a worm gear directly to a freewheel on the front sprocket? I know these guys ( sell a crank and sprocket kit that also has a freewheel so the pedals won't turn when the engine is running.

Guys, I was thinking about a system to keep the driveshaft vertical using a worm gear either straight to the rear sprocket or what I think Steve is talking about a frame mount straight to the front sprocket.

Like this:



why so complex?

take wormdrive at the bottom bracket. make the necessary changes so the pedals will freewheel for footrests when the motor is powering the bike.

extend the crank and match to a multispeed casette/derailler and selector and chain that to the motor. Motor drives wormdrive - drives rear wheel

Same method as was used in the early multichain/multibelt bikes. Engine in frame, clutch/gearbox behind and then final drive.

its doable with some inginuity

Jemma xx