VINTAGE Bike Motor Kit for SALE !! $150

I have a vintage, late 1960's early 70's bike motor kit, complete that I am selling. This is a VERY dependable AMERICAN made kit. NO Chinese junk !!
Orline, [ Ohlsson & Rice engine ] 1 HP bike kit easily attaches to most any bike. Be up & running in 15 minutes ! Front wheel " scrubber " drive. Fix your flat tires just like a normal bike. Bike is advertised as getting 125mpg & it just might do that. It is NOT, I repeat, NOT hard on front tires if ridden correctly. Friction drive wheels were one of the first on the market & are still made today. I have attached a link to pix of the bike kit. Sorry, motor is dirty, but bike is ridden on dirt roads a lot. It is located in N. Central Florida & I can ship anywhere. $150 for kit, or $175 kit with bike. motor/
Mar 16, 2008
Dang I'd just want the fuel tank!

Me too I have been bidding on a tank like that for a month now. They all get to around $30. and I quit. Finally got one coming I got for $11. Going to mount it on the rear rack and get rid of the frame mount tank that came with the kit...


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Dec 1, 2006
Well, guys, you could have gotten the tank for $150 & I'd toss everything else in, FREE. Looks like it is sold.