"WANTED"...Lobdell 26 inch Diamond Dimple Whizzer Rims


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Dec 17, 2023
Mission Viejo,CA.
Made the jump from "the CABE". Hopefully okay in this section. Did not see a wanted section. I am looking for a match, I have a really nice original chrome appears NOS and one rim in kind of ruff condition. On a worldwide search to match either one or to find a set. Any help/leads would be greatly appreciated.
Moderators, please move the thread if I am in the wrong section.
Merry Christmas and thank you for your time.

Thank you very much for your time replying to my ad. I did see Ron Houk a couple days ago. He set me up with a match to my crustier wheel. I am going to stay on the worldwide search for a match to the NOS one pictured.
Ron is an amazing collector, historian and a super nice guy. He knew my Dad and his circle of friends and their contribution to the Huntington Beach Whizzins from the early 1980s. I learn so much each time I visit with him. Whizzer News is from the second Whizzin circa 1979. My RoadMaster whizzer pictured on second page.
Happy New Year!
Jeff Guyer