"WANTED"...Lobdell 26 inch Diamond Dimple Whizzer Rims

Thank you very much for your time replying to my ad. I did see Ron Houk a couple days ago. He set me up with a match to my crustier wheel. I am going to stay on the worldwide search for a match to the NOS one pictured.
Ron is an amazing collector, historian and a super nice guy. He knew my Dad and his circle of friends and their contribution to the Huntington Beach Whizzins from the early 1980s. I learn so much each time I visit with him. Whizzer News is from the second Whizzin circa 1979. My RoadMaster whizzer pictured on second page.
Happy New Year!
Jeff Guyer
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What a beauty! You don't see to many RoadMaster with Whizzer motors. I think Tom Clark has one. Beautiful.
Jeff thank you for your response back, I showed this to Ron today, also said to say thank you. Many times we never hear back from those who are very fortunate to receive obsolete parts.
I'll be seeing you guys soon, Brian sent me this from your guys last Saturday's ride.