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    I'm not sure I'm in the right place here but maybe I can save a few very bad headaches here....If you can avoid it stay away from bikepartsusa dot com...They are the absolute worst company I have ever dealt with...I all started when I ordered a bunch of stuff for a new project..Simple...Thats when is all went to he**...At first the website looks great and is just chucked full of anything bicycle you can think of...HUGE LIE...They drop ship from everywhere, lack absolute and total communication, lie, cheat, send bad parts, wrong parts and do none of it in the time they say they will in your e-mail generated receipt...If your lucky enough to have them actually answer their phone your in the top 1%...After paying for the 7 to 10 day shipping I had to call at 15 days and no parts...I got this excuse " well the parts you ordered are no longer available"..I asked well why didnt I get a call or e-mail? Their respnse "Well sir our shipping department doesnt call people, they dont have time"....Fine whatever just send me the updated parts then.."OK sir right away" so almost a month later after several phone calls from different phones so they wouldnt recognize my number and answer and unanswered e-mails I finally got all but one part...Guess what, it took another 6 e-mails to get the part 2 weeks later...I started to do a little research on this company after I wasnt getting replies from them and found a ton of complaints on the internet...People, I'm just here to say they look great and the prices are great but the company is not great at all...Spend a few extra bucks and go where you will get your parts on time and get communication when you need it...Oh by the way i forgot to mention they WILL NOT send you a tracking number for any means on the website...For 2 months all I heard was "its broke we're working on it".....They dont supply one becuse they have no clue where they are going to get your parts or how they are going to get them to you...If you dont want to trust this just pull up bikepartsusa on complaints.com and everything you will want and need to see about this company is there....
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  2. mattysids

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    yeah it's the plague of some of these mb companies, bad communication and support of their products

    i had bad experiences too :/

    too bad this didn't work out for you!

    there are plenty of trustworthy companies out there, just check here to find them
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    I've never dealt with bikepartsusa.com, but I have been dealing with BikeWorldUSA.com for as many years as I've been into bikes. They are great to deal with, and the one time they did make a mistake on one of my orders they took care of it right away, no questions asked. Their prices are just as good as their service too.
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    I never use a site that isnt paypal approved... it only takes a couple of times before they start getting flak from paypal.
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    Dahhhhhh...maybe that's why they won't accept PayPal...ya think. I have a complaint in with E-Bay on one of their sellers that advertised a 7 day warranty, but found out that, that was a total lie after I emailed them 3 days after receipt of my engine and it had a bad coil... Basically told me to KISS off. More to come in the VENDORS forum.
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    Yes you are right, bikeworldusa is GREAT ! I have dealt with them in the past..Shipping is a tiny bit more but overall great company to deal with...I just wish they had all the parts I needed when I started the project I'm on now...I learned a valuable lesson on this one...
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    Yeah I didnt go the paypal way with them cux they dont give the option youre right...One complaint I read about them is that they had an "F" rating...I checked the BBB website and they werent even listed...Another guy said they were dropped from the BBB or quit themselves...I just wish I would have seen the hits for complaints when I originally found them on the internet...

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    I Bought 3 Bottom Bracket Kits From Them $3.66 Per Kit. "bike Parts Usa. It All Went Fine, In June 8 2009. I Must Have Paid With Credit Card, Don`t Remember. Sorry To Hear Of Your Problems. Ron
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    I like http://bikepartsusa.com , I just got a package from them yesterday. They carry Pyramid bicycle parts which are the old fashioned heavy duty parts, just the thing for my beater cruiser motorbike. I have had some issues with them but usually got more stuff than I ordered. You don't have a gel seat cover and a single aluminum crank missing? Cause I got them and I didn't order them. I got all the stuff I ordered and it was pretty cheap.
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    Bikepartsusa is a total scam: AVOID IT.

    I have placed six orders in eight years to bikepartsusa.com and have had mixed results, mostly bad. They offer good prices on their "house" brand (Pyramid) which they appear to import themselves. This is a cheap line of Chinese bike parts, which work fine for cheap Chinese bikes. No revelation here! I wouldn't DREAM of using them for anything critical, or for anything I need in less than a month.

    Their website is truly gruesome. The descriptions are extremely sparse, inaccurate, and use jargon that is understood only by its writer. The pictures are the size of postage stamps, and can be completely wrong, or, at best, useless. If you can cross reference the part number, this is usually the only way to determine if the part will work for you. Alternately, if you are an expert or very familiar with the part, you probably won't need accurate pictures or text. But this is all obvious, except to bikepartsusa, apparently.

    I try to be forgiving, and after not ordering for almost two years, I decided to give them a try again. Companies do change, sometimes. I placed a small, non-critical order by phone, and because of troubles with their funky "Smart Post" shipping, requested it be sent Fedex. No problem, the order arrived as expected. So two weeks later, I decided to place a larger order for items I really needed within two weeks. I specified Fedex shipping and offered to pay any extra amount for it, just like on the previous order, and I did this by filling in a form on their website, and also by calling them on the phone, TWICE, once before placing the order, and again when they said the order was "on their loading dock. Well, they lied to me. They shipped the order by worthless "Smart Post" again, and true to form, it has not shown up for three weeks.

    The last time this happened, I had to wait two months for a refund, for which I had to spend a great deal of time calling AGAIN AND AGAIN requesting. After three full months, and after I had cajoled a refund out of them by screaming and threatening with the help of my credit card provider, the order finally arrived. Being an honest person, I called them to arrange return of the items, because, naturally, I no longer wanted them, and hadn't paid for them. They tried to get me to ship the product back at my expense, but I insisted, rightly I believe, that they should pay for return shipping because of the delay. They said they would send a call tag. After two more requests for a call tag were ignored, I gave the items to a local charity and forgot about the affair.

    So I can't tell if bikepartsusa is merely a scam, if they are just incredibly shoddy, or if they are pathological liars. I certainly would not recommend them to anyone. Unless you are absolutely sure there is no other source, I strongly suggest you shop elsewhere unless you like stress and conflict.
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    Buy from niagracycle works, good prices and never had 1 problemo. Just research what your buying and READ the return policy. Bet i've spent near a grand with them just on parts.