West Coast Whiz-IN



Hi Gang, the grounds we used last year are not available when needed
this year. This ride is held near Fresno CA. Currently the California Cushman Club, who puts on this
even every year, is evaluating what to do. One thing that I have found
is most important, is that all the riders in the event, be Club
Members. This is due to the insurance regulations of the Clubs policy,
which actually covers the riders liability on the club-sponsored rides.

Lat year, Jim Vikse, Miles, Marvin and Brandon Yee, Robt and Jeni
Simpson, and Tim Carnes, joined Wifey and I in belonging to the club.

There may be more of you, that I would know by face, but not by name
so well, and if so, thank you and welcome to the Club!

The Cal. Cushman Club is out ONLY supporter, and ally in this area,
and we need to be sure to show our appreciation of them, and their
efforts, by joining, AND riding, AND, if possible, lending a hand in
some way.

I suppose I could learn how to make a Poll here to show who wants to
ride at the Whiz-in this year, but, until I figure that out, Please
email me mike@simpsonmotorbikes.com and let me know if you will be
wanting to do the fall ride.

Thanks for reading what is OBVIOUSLY an advertisement on my part, but,
Geeze, I wanna ride, and a lot of others do to.

BTW the club dues were 15.00 per FAMILY and I think are the same this

I look forward to hearing from you-all.