What and are there any laws on motorised bikes

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    What, and are there any laws on engine assisted bikes. Gordon Smith

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    It is determined by state and then rarely down to municipalities. Most states allow them with varying conditions such as speeds, cc, transmission, registration, and insurance (rare). It is also differentiated by electric and gas. I am fortunate enough to live in a state with little restriction.
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  3. It depends on what state you are in. Go to your DUMB site and look up moped laws
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    Most are considered with mopeds because of the 49cc limit and no transmission (or at least no shiftable gears) but check your local laws. Theres a whole section on this and a search bar that is your friend
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    State you live in might help determine it, in PA it's a hit or miss game of wits, the laws aren't completely clear or they simply oppose eachother. We are also too broke to have the politicians tell the police to take the hammer to motorized bicycles. I mean come on they want to put taxes on that Pokémon Go (long story) game to make money so we are pretty desperate at this point.

    Helps if you live in a city with a mayor who's corrupted, along with his gal pals, and the police are too busy chasing murderers (yeah there's a shooting every other day now how lovely) and drug dealers (I don't think I lived anywhere in this city without one of my neighbors selling pot at the very least...) to be bothered with motorized bicycles, as long as we respect the law and drive safely and slow down at stop signs we are good.

    If you have officers who don't care then great, if you don't, then do your best to be polite and safe, if you honestly give them a reason to believe they should be elsewhere taking down bad guys then they simply leave you be (aka: don't be the idiot that rides 30mph the wrong way on a one way road past a school in a speed limit zone 15, and they will be able to find better things to do than pull you over for driving a motor assisted bicycle with a 49cc engine even if it's a 66cc because IT'S A 49CC ENGINE AND STICK TO IT)