what are the 5 best mods that you can do?

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by mean machine, Nov 29, 2012.

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    Nice mod! I have stickied that thread. I can see my clutch cable melting being so close to the engine.
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    1) shave down the head surface for more engine compression
    2) replace the POS piston wrist pin bearing
    3) replace the POS carburetor
    4) get more low rpm power by adding an intake extension (piston port intake setup) or reed valve and torque pipe (or buy a "normal" expansion chamber and cut the baffle in half and weld in a 2" extension)
    5) replace the POS CDI/ignition-coil with a Jaguar CDI & motorcycle high voltage coil
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    IMG_2053.jpg IMG_2054.jpg IMG_2056.jpg
    Thanks Jaguar,
    Any threads or links in motoredbikes.com to the mods you mentioned above? I checked out your link and there is plenty food for thought there.
    I have just done the Large filipino mod (check out the photos) and it works a treat. There were plenty of images availiable on motoredbikes and heaps of ideas on how to do it which made it a really easy mod. Photos speak a thousand words.:grin5:
  5. 1. trow the happy time in the trash and buy a japan motor

    2. high performance carb

    3. port polish intake and transfers

    4. add a pipe

    5. add nitro methanol to your gas fuel mixture

    6. lose weight
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    all the mods I mentioned are explained on my site
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    Hey Jag,
    Just had a better look through your website - really inspiring man. I really like your modified KDX CDI and would love to get one. I had a look and JN Moters are out of stock - do you know when they will have more in?
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    Thanks for the response GoldenEagleChris.
    When you say "add a pipe" do you mean extending the exhaust pipe? I'm luckey enough to work for a big truck manufacture in the aftermarket dept so I can easliy get my exhaust extended. Jaguar mentions this as well in his website.
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    hey MM
    they are always going in and out of stock. If they allow you to pre-order then that is the best thing to do so as soon as they get restocked then your order gets placed.