What are your motor biking goals?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by littletinman, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. littletinman

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    So i was thinking today, as i rode into work, what if there was like a challenge board on here which set goals for us bikers and the ones who did best (like top 3) got to be listed. The challeenges i'm thinking of are:

    1. See how far you can get on one tank of gas (it would list the top half gal tank, full gal tank, and above)
    2. Who can cross the most counties in one ride? (my goal is 3. I live in MD and the counties are huge)
    3. Who has ridden from one state to another?
    4. Who has crossed the most state borders on their motor bikes?
    5. The person who has climbed the steepest incline with a 2-stroke, 4 stroke, etc.

    I'm sure people will have plenty of good ideas. My goals this year are to:

    a) Bike from one end of MD 124 to the other.
    b) Cross two or three counties in one ride.
    c) Ride around the mall in DC.
    d) Go out for drinks with a few new mb friends!

    Looking forward to seeing what everyone is hoping to do!

  2. tooljunkie

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    im up for the last one.
    i just want to run it to and from work for the summer,would like to pass 1000k's this summer.
    getting as many miles as possible out of a tank of gas,would be a challenge.
  3. 2stroker

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    I wanna to ride california from florida on my bike! I try and get as many miles outta a tank as i can. My record is 15miles outta 1/10 gallon tank. I rode from seminole county to miami dade county last year on my motorized bike also!
  4. tom-fishing

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    My goal is to build a bike that can get a moped sticker here in Michigan, so I can ride it anywhere I want without getting hassled by the police. After that I plan on riding it up the west side of the state to the Mackinaw Bridge, then down the east side of the state. I've planned it so the most I'll have to ride in one day will be 80 miles, from one state campground to the next one.
    So far the bike is 90% ready.:grin5:
  5. MikeSSS

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    1. To get as high mpg as possible. 150 mpg is sort of a goal. Motor is Subaru e035 on a Staton friction drive.

    2. Ride the old bike routes I used to pedal. I have to hide from the Sun now, the anti-Sun clothes are not good for pedaling.

    3. Ride sitting up so I can see more than just the wheel in front of me, in the pace line. Looking around will be excellent!

    Thoughts of a bike with a motor have been wandering through the mind for a long, long time. Now, it is time to make it happen.