What bolts up to Statons gear box?

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    Is this a direct bolt on?. Im 220 lbs and want some more oomph. Im not very clever mechanically so if it isnt a direct bolton what do you suggest?

  2. I'm not sure what you are asking. Do you mean what engines bolt up to the gear box? It depends on which clutch you have. The clutches Staton uses on their gear box come in two sizes. The 25cc and smaller engines use a small clutch drum, larger engines 35cc up to 50cc use a larger clutch drum. Both clutch sizes can be used on the same gearbox. I think the two sizes are 54mm and 74mm. Any of the larger standard engines will bolt up to the larger clutch drum. If you have the smaller clutch and want to convert to a larger engine, you must change the clutch drum to the larger sized one. You can call Staton and ask what engines bolt up to the gear box you have and what parts you will need to convert the clutch to fit the engine you want to use. If you want more torque for hills, but at lower speeds on the flat, you can change the output sprocket to a smaller one.
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  4. I doubt it will just bolt on to the Staton gear box. The clutch and bolt pattern would probably be larger. You could drill new holes in the gear box to match the hole pattern in the engine and see if you could fit 74mm clutch shoes to the engine, but I wouldn't know without trying. Ask David at Staton.

    The Tanaka purefire 40cc 2 stroke engine (also available from Staton) will bolt right on to the Staton gear box with no mods and has a similar power output to the large Robin shown, as well as being a fair bit lighter. You would save a lot of finagling by going with the Tanaka.

    Another good choice would be a Honda 50cc engine, or the Chinese made Honda 50cc clone, but both are some heavier than the Tanaka.
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    Ty, Ive been eyeing the tanaka for a while but like the reliability and ease of use of 4 strokes.
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    The Tanaka is the best engine out there !!!
    Lots of power, Very Easy starting, plenty of parts avail.
    I have the 32cc for a year and a half and it is awesome !!!
    and whats cool is no oil changes !!! the engine gets good clean oil all the time becuse it's not reused like a 4 stroke...
    and it's not very hard to dump a bottle of oil in your gas can ...(some people whine about making premix ) wa !! wa !!! not rocket science !!!
    if I had it to do over even with unlimited funds I would buy the Tanaka again..
    but maybe the 40 CC !!!!!!
  7. I have to agree with seanhan. Don't confuse today's modern, high quality, high tech, Japanese, American, Italian, German, or Checkoslovakian built 2 stroke engines like the Tanaka, Mitsubishi, etc. with the cranky to start old timey 2 strokes of the past, or the Chinese made, low quality HT engines. Yes, you still have to mix the oil with the gas in the correct ratio or suffer a siezed piston/ruined lower end, but no oil in a 4 stroke will kill it just as quickly. Don't get me wrong, I love my Robin EHO35 4 strokers, but I would think long and hard about a Tanaka 40 if I wanted a little more power.
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    The Tanaka's

    Are used in some go karts so there is hi performance upgrade carbs and exahust you can get for it .
    if you got to have a 4 stroke i would buy the Robin..
    The Honda 50cc is good quality but kinda heavy ( top heavy )
    You have to be careful about the bike falling over when on the kick stand, and busting your engine, the robin is smaller and lighter .. and offers quality like the Honda.. Rule of thumb " If it's made in Japan it's most likely high quality " ......

    Look at some of the Videos on YOUTUBE all the different engines are on it, It's nice to see them in action !!!

    Are you locked into the Staton gearbox ???
    You might want to look at the GEBE ??, Less power wasted.. with that big heavy gearbox ...
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    Im with you there. Gebe originally had me sold on one of their belt drive tanaka 40s but I found a very good deal on a staton with the robin 35 so I went with that instead. Ive got about 3500 miles on the subaru and its great but I want to be able to keep up with 35mph traffic. With how hilly it is around here and being 220 I dont think I could find gearing to satisfy both on the robin. If I was 160-170 I imagine I could gear it for both hills and traffic.
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    tanaka's good stuff, no matter what it's hooked up to

    my tanaka purefire 40 drives a GEBE setup, on a very-heavy MB...it's performance speaks for itself...tanaka's been providing engines for "recreational" transport for a long time, a good legacy they have in that regards, and because of that they have some decent after-market support.

    i highly recommend ADARacing for PF4000 upgrades...and, i'd have no problem sending anyone else there too, they support a wide range of small engines with very nice billet intake & exhaust options.