What does your front wheel sound like at speed?

Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by u2smile, Oct 15, 2012.

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    I will hold up on mine.

  2. u2smile

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    Wow don't all jump in at once.

    I have just replaced my bearings, all clean new grease and have tightened it to the point of having no grab or drag in rotation I have about a 16th of side to side play.

    I hear a noise that sounds like it did before I did the replacement, Kind of a rum rum rum sounds with some clatter.
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    Clatter? Not good. What bike is it? Low end bikes have notoriously bad quality hubs. You also don't mention but I'll assume it's a standard cup/cone hub bearing. First off, that's too much play, in fact there should be none at all. Cones should be set so the bearing has just the slightest pre-load. I would bet there is pitting on the races/cones. Check that, new cones can be be replaced inexpensively but if the races are brinelled (though they can be replaced) it probably would be cheaper just to get another complete wheel.
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    Hi and thanks.
    I have had this same trouble with about 5 front wheels.
    Trying to decide if this sound is normal for a wheel now going 30 mph that was made to go 10...
    Or did I have bigger problems.

    I have redone the wheel and have taken out the play.

    Funny when I had it a bit to tight, it would spin and then hit a catch and pull on my fingers holding the axle. is this the pitting?

    New grease and new bearings... thought I had it licked.

    This wheel has loose bearings. 3/16th

    So does you wheel make no noise or some and what is a healthy noise?
  5. Ludwig II

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    I sometimes wonder if, when you're dealing with much more force than a bicycle is designed for, it is better to find a proper drum braked moped hub. But I know nothing about the work needed to make it fit, I just thought it's going to be engineered for the job.
  6. Richard H.

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    You're absolutely spot on about one thing, bikes that made were to be ridden at 8-10 mph under human power have components that are specced by the manufacturer to be just good enough. Folks will argue sometimes about department store bikes thinking they'll be fine. I know everyone must adhere to what their budget allows but truth is you get what you pay for. If you ride at speed and ride enough putting serious miles on a bike, not just an occasional buzzing around the neighborhood or an errand here and there like the majority of motored bikers, you'll have component breakdown and premature failure with low end bikes.

    The trick with hub bearings is they cannot be too tight or too loose. Just right is a matter of feel and experience. Rather than go on typing too much about the nuance of bearing adjustment let me let a qualified expert tell about it.

    BTW, in answer to your question:
    A rightly functioning, tuned and lubed wheel bearing is nearly silent, In fact a handy little trick we use at the shop that I'll pass on to you as a diagnostic to judge the state of wheel bearings is to elevate the bike off the floor, put your ear to the saddle and spin the wheel. The bike frame acts as stethoscope amplifying any sound coming from the bearing and with practice you can quickly judge the state of the bearing, if it's properly adjusted, needs lube or discern the grinding noises that mean trouble. Try it.
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    Like listening to a screwdriver on an engine telling you what's clattering, wahat isn't?
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    Thanks to all!

    Yep this is still making one **** of a lot of noise, it is and alum rim, don't know if the hub is alum as well...? But it is the truest wheel I have.
    This is my main transpo, so I have to find me a new wheel.

    What is the worst case with this wheel making racket ?

    Also a new freak out, I began my ride to work and I heard a knock and then the peddles began to rotate. I stopped and braked hard and rotated the peddles I finally got it to stop turning. But rode to work wondering when this going to happen again at 30 mph...!

    What is the best wheel for the money?
    Ebay seller you'd trust?
    Be groovy ya all!
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    I seem to hear everything through my seat when I'm riding my bike. Oh I meant feel.
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    I dread to think what you talk out of.
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    The trouble with doing the bearings is you get the cones right and then tighten the the holding bolts and they shift the cones, so it is a matter of putting the cones to loose and then letting the bolts correct for this, a hit and miss if I ever saw one.

    Should you feel the bearings at all in a loose spin?
    When they fell good to me the wheel has play.

    What is the grab when the wheel spins and then you feel a tug and it spins past to come around to that grab again.

    I am using a lithium grease from wally world red stuff is this ok?