What happened to DAX?

Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by Skyliner70cc, Nov 9, 2008.

  1. Skyliner70cc

    Skyliner70cc Active Member

    Anybody know why it appears (to me at least) that Dax has abandoned this website. He doesn't advertise here and his website links to the other MB forum?

    What happened? If my observation is incorrect, please let me know and I'll delete this thread. THANKS!

  2. BSA

    BSA Guest

    Why was this deleted?

  3. loquin

    loquin Active Member

    If you select the thread tools, edit thread, there's a history of the moderation actions...
  4. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    Hmm... maybe we should let the question be public? What problems could it bring up? however, the only person that can answer the question is Dax, and he isn't around!