take care everyone im on to to other things thinking of building a bike with a honda engine


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Oct 1, 2022
honda makes such great small engines . but i no longer belong here i trully think of so many of you as freinds and feel bleesed for finding this forum but i feel as i dont contrubute enough to the true nature of this forum i wouldnt even say bye but i want to let my freinds know im ok and moved on and those whom are not freinds i wish them the best. life is to short to dislike someone for small stuff take care everyone im out . check my youtube for updates on my honda bike it may take me a bit moving cost me so much but good news i have new glasses comeing next week so i can at least see what im messing up lol
Farewell and take care brother. I wish you luck with your future builds and getting you other bikes to your home.

Do you plan to use a 2 stroke or 4 stroke for your honda bike?

And can you post a link to your YouTube so we can watch your build?
4 stroke for sure i. am to forgetful for 2 stroke lol i want one with low center of gravity also im adding solar to my ebike panels come in august
Hell yes! I just saw these 2 guys rocking both brand new KTM and Husky enduro bikes. Must have been 9 K or more each.
Honestly, a 80s honda four stroke bike is where it's at. Good reliability, decent torque, and they look better imo. With a bit of upgrades an 80s honda dirt bike can compete with similar new bikes.