What symptoms bike has with BAD plug or bad CDI or BAD magneto coil ?

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    if a bike has BAD plug , or malfuntioning CDI, or magneto coil how do we know ?
    how do we differentiate if one is out of order, and if any two are bad ?

    (i have heard that 49cc engine plastic cover of CDI swells (as capacitors do) once it is out of order)
    (and that the bike wont start with a bad plug) thats it ???

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    If eny of them are bad it won't go. And you can test them with a multi meter. Normally when you work on 66 cc enough you can hear or feel what's wrong but if no spark then you still have to track it down plug /mag/cdi/cable at the price just swap it out for a new one till it goes there's the problem I don't think there is such a thing as early detection just a better motor to start with
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    search here for checking spark with multimeter
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