what tool removes small drive cog gt 80

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    hi im a little stuck the small drive cog on my new engine wont come off i need the extractor pulling tool ive tryed a bicycle crank extractor but it was to big

    does anyone know where this tool is used is it a motorcycle one like the clutch ?

    where can i get one ?


    what size is it ?

  2. Frankenstein

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    They sometimes send the puller tool with the motor. It's meant for the big and small gears and the sprocket on the other side. You can remove its center bolt and screw it in the opposite side and use the other end.

    If you don't have this tool then you are really in for a fight or it's time to start hunting for a pipe with the same threading and hope you get lucky.

    Many dealers sell that part online. Any reason why you need to remove your small gear?
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    crank stuffing and genral inspection
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    is this the one ? shame im in the uk and cant get all the awesum stuff u guys do if this is it ill try n find it in the uk or at least somewhere that delivers

    i havent got the tool didnt come with any of the engine kits ive worked on

    from what i can tell this is the tool and
    i dont have that large a dieamiter on my tap n die set so making one will b hard
    i can only find 2 usa based stores selling it bikeberry us delivery only
    and spooky tooth im waiting to find out
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    Well you have the all the info I can give I guess. All I can say is refrain from spending more than a few dollars on these since they really seem to be a stock part of many kits. Even gasbike throws them in with their cheap kits.

    I have the foggiest clue what it's called
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    Oh, just type 'clutch puller 80cc' into ebay. Buy it from Chinese if you need to, at least it's closer to you than it is to me.
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    I hate it when I hear of a seller that steals the tool out of the kit when he sells it so he can charge an extra fee when the customer needs it.
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    oh snap good man ! awesum thanks frank 3 pounds from china vs the 23 pounds from the use

    that helped u know i tryed a bunch of diffrent stuff on ebay thats the one i didnt try

    i was looking spacifically for drive one forgetting it may be listed for the other end ( clutch )

    china takes a whyle to here but is usually free usa is uber expencive and as long because of going through more secure customs

    the canadian site im not sure if can deliver here but thanks anyway same price as the china ones about same delivery time but on another note i saw something very usefull on there

    news and events
    2015-07-15Service Bulletin
    A recommended modification for all Magneto Starter coils (For engines manufactured prior to July 1 2015

    so they fixed the timeing isue on newer engines ? this new engine ive got is far better built and i noticed the key on the magneto looked closer to 12 then the last one so im going to look in to that vs my old engine

    thankyou everyone for the help

    so in conclusion

    the tool is spacific to these engines and not one likely to be found in a bicycle or motorcycle garage

    the best recomendation for where to get one is here . com


    changing from .com to .co.uk made mine much cheaper so worth trying changing to your country

    if your in the ( usa) and want it faster there are shops that sell them at a marked up price try the canadian site as is closest and cheapest

    if not id try bikeberry or spookytooth
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  11. Frankenstein

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    I had a difficult time finding the right combination of words to get it but yes, the clutch puller is the same tool as the small gear puller you just back the bolt out and thread it in the other side.

    Make sure the threads are clean, use a bit of wd40 and DO NOT CROSS THREAD them or it will ruin the tool.
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  13. sp1ke

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    it was a good idea and worked a treat so thought id share
  14. Frankenstein

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    Nice plot. Reminds me how I pull really stuck magnets on the crank arm. Kinda..

    I loop brake cable or very strong thin rope under both sides of the magnet, one loop on each side of the shaft.

    Tie it tight to a tool or strong rod, give it a nice good tug. WEAR f***ing GOGGLES FOR THIS! Seriously, eye protection, depending on the effort that little thing can go flying real hard, if it hits you in the lip or forehead you'll be pissed, but if it hits you in the eye you'll be pissed and might need to take a quick visit to the er
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  15. Frankenstein

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    I forgot to ask though, how did you pull the big clutch gear?
  16. sp1ke

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    i got a puller for a tzr 125 2rk flywheel it fits just.. u can get it half on without fouling the threads just enough to get it off but as it isnt exactly the thread i dont recomend it i was very carefull

    on my old engine the drive cog was allways loose and had a home made key i knew from that engine the tool worked .. just ..

    i still need to get the tool some time but i got the job done without
  17. Frankenstein

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    I thought you used that thing you drew to pull it.
  18. sp1ke

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    on the drive gear small one yeah but on the clutch i used a motorcycle tool in theory the design may extend to making one for the clutch but u would need a big ass washer n tube >.< proberbly fabricate your self
  19. Frankenstein

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    Oh duh of course. I wonder if jb weld has enough tensile strength to act as the grabbing force to pull one of those off.. Nice thing about it is it can really fill in those little gaps in the threads.

    I somehow think it wouldnt work but I'm still curious as I don't think it's been tried and sometimes you just don't have time for much else but 5 minute epoxy.

    In theory you'd only need a tube that was just small enough to fit inside leaving a gap large enough to give enough bonding surface for the jb weld threads that would be formed.
  20. sp1ke

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    intresting idea u would need better epoxy then i have we dont get jb weld in the uk that i know of would have to order in ours isnt as good