Carby What's the correct NT carby float level?

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    I've posted a lot of questions lately and thanks to all of you guys, I almost know these motors and am running low on questions.

    The latest - does anyone know the correct float level, measured the usual way? (With the carb upside-down and the float sitting evenly on the bronze tang for the float needle, from the carb's bowl seating face to the highest point on the float.)

    Mine is currently 21mm. No fuel flowing from the tickler or flooding from the float bowl, but still I wonder, since my engine is running far too rich for normal adjustments, carbonating the (very black) plug and bogging down like the choke is on. The choke has virtually no effect, until it's fully closed.
    No mods and already running a B5HS plug to burn off deposits.
    I've mentioned some of this in another thread, but nothing specific to float level.

    I added a sealing fibre washer to the carb top cap for another reason, seemingly sealing the carb better and it's been extra-rich ever since. I ride over heaps of pretty rugged potholes and bumps, (semi-rural area), and thought that possibly the float level has altered from standard and that I'm on a wild goose chase. If not, I'll jet down and drop the slide needle more. My plug was a light tan before with little or no deposits.

    (Got my billet head etc. today - will keep everyone posted.)

    Any assistance here appreciated,
    ... Steve

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    When you added the washer you changed the needle position in the seat. Now the needle sits above where you had it. The needle needs to be lowered. Adjust by raising the clip to a higher setting on the needle thus lowering the needle into the seat..
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    Hi Al.Fisherman.
    No, the slide needle still sits in the same position, relative to the slide. Internally, the only difference is that I stretched the spring slightly to compensate for the extra distance from a bottomed slide to the top of the cap.
    We discussed this in another thread the other day, 'Happytime NT Carb slide jamming'.
    I just found the pic I drew then. And a photo of the washer in place. Had to search back a few days:-
    If I AM missing something, please feel free to correct me. My pride will take it.
    ... Steve

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  4. AussieSteve

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    My drawing isn't quite right. The spring goes on through the washer to the top of the cap. (As can be seen in the photo - a large ID on the fibre washer.)
    ... Steve
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    I'd still be interested in the correct float level, if anyone knows.
    ... Steve