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  1. adrian101

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    Whats the total amount to date of money you have spent on your bike (engine, Mods, Replacing items, bike itself)?

    Me personally has spent: $758.89 Not including items that have failed like back sprocket adapter, a new chain and a number of different fuel filters and crappy spark plus.

    $758.89 = Below
    Bike: $100 (Repco random from Big W)
    66cc Engine: $200 (f80b from MBBimports.com.au)
    Speed carb: $55 (from Gasmanbikes.com.au)
    Billet head: $109 (from rocksolidengines.com.au)
    Poo poo (street pipe):$40 (from MBBimports.com.au)
    Skyhawk expansion chamber:$69.99 (complete fail to fit, Also from MBBimports.com)
    SBP expansion chamber: $67.00 (From sick bike parts of course)
    34T sprocket: $45 (From MBBimports.com.au
    Performance Lead and boot: $25 (NGK) (From good ol ebay)
    Boost bottle: $28 (From boost industries)
    ADA air filter: $12.95 (from Sickbikeparts.com)
    NGK b6hs spark plug: $2.95(from Sickbikeparts.com)
    Engine hardware kit (SBP): $9.95 from Sickbikeparts.com

  2. geebt48cc

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    Adds UP!~ We're talking "BIG BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~"
  3. tone2crazy

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    i've only spent around 300 on mine. i got my bike for 20 bux.
  4. RedBaronX

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    I don't even want to know. I haven't been keeping track anyway, but I've spent more than I would have expected when I started my original build last August.
  5. Al.Fisherman

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    Generally $200.00 or less (my first one, had the bike for years and didn't ride it, bike was FREE), the bike below is a new bike, and cost was in the ball park of $300.00


    Then he put on a springer front fork, and that was about $60.00, so add that.
  6. graucho

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    Too scary to think about :ee2k: AHHHHHHHH!

    Have built standard HT MB's for as cheap as $180.00
    Custom bikes over the years I'm sure its in the thousands. Luckily I can re-coop when there sold.
    My personal rule... never dump more than 70% of the sale value. Then after a while you get to build for free.
    Free happens ruffly after the 4th build.
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  7. BoltsMissing

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    I'm reluctantly working on 2 unfinished projects.
    Paid for RockSolid Kit today, expect delivery soon, and that's for a ordinary looking bike to get me around. ( Avanti)
    Then, the bike I have spent HEAPS, from scratch, sand blasting, powder coat, sealed bearing hubs, new rims & spokes. 9 speed cassette etc etc, new brake arms, and on and on and on it goes. It's now year 2 of this particular one-off build. And my last, maybe.
    Still, have to get another kit for it later on. The kit will be RS, and it has to have all the "must haves", ofcourse...and that list will go and and on and $$on$$.... I want a flat rear tank. I am starting to not like the HT kit's fuel tank. Prefer a "out of sight-out of mind" fuel tank that can be mounted above the rear wheel.

    Then I gotta get the 30cc Rotary/Sachs up and running again. Blown CDI, not cheap for those.

    I really am not sure why I do this anymore.

    You got some nice builds there graucho.
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  8. professor

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    Under 200 for the bike, but bought a junk moped for 150 to be able to register it here in NY as a moped.
    HF 79 + good seat, sus. seat post, mirrors, jackshaft brgs, pulleys, belts and stuff I already had. But LOTS of time.
  9. masterx1234

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    bike cost: 170 (Schwinn riverside)
    kit cost: 140 (50cc bgf kit)
    so were talking 310 bucks for all stock kit and bike
  10. Happy Valley

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    I helped my son with a bike about 5 years ago and he spent $200 for bike and HT kit. It lasted one summer, lol, he moved on in life but I got the bug, went to Japanese engines, better bikes etc. so more $$$ became the norm.

    IMO, starting with a decent used bike, a good daily rider that needs little more than scheduled maintenance and you can jump on anytime, day or night and go (with lights etc) will run somewhere around $700. And up, lol.
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  11. MikeJ

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    I know my build (see it in Picture Gallery) cost well over $1,000. I went with new wheels, upscale tires, total disc brake system, put on a Honda GX-160 (replaced the HF 79cc; was just too weak at >5500 ft altitude), greatly modified the GX engine, replaced pedal assembly, upscale clutch, better seat, speedometer, tachometer, motorcycle helmet, bright yellow jacket, bought a good number of little parts and pieces; some were utilized and some were set aside as unusable as planned. Still, they are part of the overall cost. (Little parts and pieces will nickle and dime you to death!)

    If I had to replicate my bike, I could probably do the replica for half price.

    Why do it? It keeps my mind busy and engaged. Watching TV as a past time will send my IQ plummeting into the single digits.