Whats with bikes nowdays?

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by bikejock, Jan 4, 2015.

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    The style of bikes these days. They seem pretty basic or ordinary with almost no custom styling. I remember a few local dealerships had some pretty tricked out beach cruisers but now even the most tricked out cruisers sold in a dealership aren't as cool looking as they used to be (2000-2004) back then they sold bikes like dyno deuces and other custom cruisers with very nice flame paint jobs. And really good looking wheels. (some called it the "cool factor" generation of bikes)

    Now it's next to impossible to find a new dealership bike with flames in the paint job or a cruiser with red rims like the good old dyno deuces. I should have tried harder to convince my parents to get me a dyno deuce back in middle school and I would have kept it as long as I could. Sadly bikes like dyno deuces aren't made anymore as the company was sold off to another company that went bankrupt and closed down for good. Now well never see a new dyno deuce again.

    Now the closest things I can find that come close to those bikes are the Electras or the Giant simple cruisers. Both look great but nothing compares to the hot rod stile of a dyno deuce cruiser. They are impossible to find now. I looked everywhere (figuratively) for a dyno deuce or a bike that comes close but if I have to I might just get the Electra custom painted to look like a black with flames dyno deuce. Gloss black with red, orange, and yellow flames is what I'm thinking of painting the Electra cruiser 1 I'm getting and getting some flame tread tires and fenders to complete the look.

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    Styles come and go. I agree that current offerings are generally bare bones or fully dressed.
    Perhaps we just need to buy the basic bikes and add the features we want from a site like
    bicycledesigner.com and local swap meets.
    With the increasing price of original muscle bikes (Stingrays, Screamers, Eliminators, etc), I
    have been planning to build a clone with a stick shift and such from mostly used parts.
    My estimated clone cost still came to around 300 bucks (non-motorized).
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    I'm looking at getting a brand new Electra with no miles then modifying it as much as possible to come close to a gloss black w flames dyno deuce cruiser. I actually found some dyno deuce cruiser tires on ebay but someone was asking $120 for a set and I would have to get a 24 wheel for the back. the dyno deuce had a 26 front wheel and a 24 rear wheel because the rear tire was fatter giving it a dragster/hot rod kind of look.

    I would also need to get some fenders custom painted with some flames and get the chain guard custom painted as the dyno deuce had flames on the fender and chain guard. I don't think I would get the ape hanger handle bars but I did like the grips the dyno deuce cruiser had. I think they were chrome with rubber grips and skulls at the end.
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    First, craigslist.Second I've never understood "flames" on cars/trucks/bikes, "oh yeah, it looks like my bike is tearing ass around the yard, but it's standing still". I less understand "loud things" the south park biker episode summed that one up for me quite well.There are decals galore, 100+spoke wheels, springer forks are common, to me it screams ghetto.
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    Style is in the eye of the beholder.
    What may look to one as a gaudy pimped out ghetto/low rider trash is a thing a beauty to the builder, and that's all the really matters right?
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    Excellent point!! I agree completely.
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    Absolutely!But people should also have an opinion.Keeps them from stealing/copying an others bike, keeps them from stealing an others woman, keeps me from "keepin' up with the Joneses" in many aspects.Some go for looks, some for utility, some a balance.Whatever slides your cookie.
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    I like a mix of style and utility. It's still kind of a shame they don't include fenders on most bikes (at least in dealerships)

    I'll be getting a rear rack for my 4 stroke crusier build with a set of side panners. I don't think I'll repaint the bike itself but I can at least have the fenders painted the way I want.

    Besides the Dyno Deuce only had flames on the fenders and chain guard anyway. I can proabably have all that painted for roughly around $100. As for tires with flames in the treads, I found a set for around $30 that look pretty good. They may not be dyno fireball tires but they look pretty close.