Which of these 4 strokes should I buy and why?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Modern Irishman, Apr 20, 2011.

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  1. Also what else should I order to make my first build go smoothly? Heavy duty axle etc? Any kits not listed here that are better? What are the pro's/con's on any of these?

    Choices I'm looking at:

    49cc EZM Q matic 4 Stroke Kit

    EZM Silent drive

    49cc 4G T Belt Drive

    Grubee SkyHawk 4G

  2. ocscully

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    The First one as it is the only one currently available for purchase. The EZ Silent Drive if you contacted Pirate you will find that they don't actually have any in stock, and I believe they have been out of production for over a year. The Grubee Kits you mention are Out Of Stock at all vendors in this country. birddog/bicycle-engines is saying they will have them in Late April? I'd phone them and ask for an update? They never seem to be able to meet their Restock Dates? Don't e-mail them they don't do e-mail in anything close to a timely manner. Phone to get an update.

  3. Yeah...

    That's kinda what I've been running into in this industry, customers wanting to buy and not having the resources to do so. IS there a reason for that? Obviously it's profitable to some degree or they wouldn't be in business but do they just ship a bunch of kits twice a year and say sorry when they run out of stock?

    On the Heliobikes one that is available how is that for quality and having everything I need with the order? Will I still need the wide crank or different gearing or anything to order separately for quality replacement parts?

    I'd like this done and wore in for an event in may that will be great advertising for the industry and culture but with the limited time frame I need to do it right the first time and not have any problems at the event. I'm worried if I wait till other things are back in stock I won't have it available to show. I'd even purchase a completely done bike at this point if there was a good 4 stroke ready for sale at a reasonable price.
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    EZ Motorbikes kit?

    All of the middle price point 4-stroke kits are from GRUBEE and they have a single supplier here in the US, Bird Dog/bicycle-engines.com All of the other vendors who sell these kits get them from bicycle-engines. So when bicycle-engines runs out everyone runs out. Bicycle engines seems to get a shipment about every 18 months or so. This is the second time over the past several years that they have had no 4-stroke product to sell at the beginning of the prime buying/riding season. I'm sure its tough anticipating just how much product they need to order and the economics of it all so they don't get stuck with product they can't sell. One exception to this was SpookeyTooth in Arizona. They had Grubee 4-stroke kits in stock when they closed their doors just after the first of the year. I've heard they have been sold but so far I haven't seen anything that indicates the new owners are actually selling product. The EZM Kits are sold thru a network of local dealers. What makes them Special and cost more is the Primary Reduction Drive they come with. This drive unit is American made and comes with an American made Oversized Centrifugal Clutch from MaxTorque. Alot of people here think it is the Beat System available. If I were looking to purchase a EZM Kit I'd first try the dealer located closest to you. If that didn't work out I'd try one of the dealers who are members of the this and the other forum who post often like Azbill in Scottsdale AZ or jbcruisin in Lebanon PA.

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    I got an EZ. As the previous poster stated try one of the site members who are also dealers... jbcruisin or azbill come to mind
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    Hi Modern Irishman. B-E is good. I've been told that the B-E stage III kit is a good kit to learn from. Incidental to waiting for B-E 's shipment, I purchased the EZ Motorbike kits. The dealers are very good, or you could call or mail the money directly to the President and main owner of the EZ Motorbike Company, his customer service is the best and the EZM transmission is well-built. The deal there is that it is built with locally available parts from a bearing store, a fastener store or a gokart shop I imagine. The parts that came with the kit are also in very good condition. I'm sorry if this sounds like a paid for political advertisement, I'm only a satisfied customer.