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May 17, 2008
so i have been wanting to buy a kit for a long time now i just never really had the money untill now :D
but the problem is i dont know what kit to buy, i have been researching it for a while , but now i need some opinoins

i have been looking at the chinese engines ( the ones that all look the same ) and im not sure if i should risk the quality just to save a buck ( this is my last resort kind of =)

and also i have been looking at the golden eagle and thatsdax 4 stoke eninges becasue it would be a nice advantage being able to pull heavier loads and just fill it up at a normal gas station

so what i guess i really need is something that wont break down and will take me distances

so if any one has any suggestions on sites or really any thing it will help ALOT:D thanks its greatly appreciated
I can't vouch for the GEBE for I never owned one but the boys here say it's the Caddilac of all bike kits.
I own a Titan from DAX and I've got about 500 miles on her and I haven't had any problems except a throttle cable that was my daughters fault. It's nice to simply not worry about your kit when you're 30 miles from home. And this I do rather often.
It really comes down to I think between choosing a belt drive or a chain drive. Also engine preference.
If you go rack,you'll never come back...wait.
That doesn't sound right.
I mean you WILL come back from your trip...just won't come back to the cheap frame mount Happy Time....never mind. :D
There's also the frame mount 4 stroke and the friction drive chain-saw engines but I can't vouch for those either for I don't own one.

The 2 stroke frame mount is my friend actually. It's inexpensive and it's the most common kit here because it's inexpensive. You gotta take care of it. You gotta give it the right mixture. You gotta not run it to death. You gotta adjust the chain. Don't ever run it full throttle down a steep hill. Pull in your clutch and you'll go faster.
So you'll be happy with a happy time. Do preliminary checks before each ride. The extra care with these things some mechanically inclined folks here actually dig. But even the novice can have fun with them.
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"so what i guess i really need is something that wont break down and will take me distances"

To cut a long debate short then i'd go for a 4 stroke, a bit more money but I'd put a lot more confidence in it. I've got a cheap chinese frame mount (happy time they are called) and yes they are by far the cheapest, but if you want reliability over long distances then i would seriously not recomend it. Not to scare you but, I remember one guy was really happy with his brand new happy time engine and decided to ride it 15 miles to work the next day. Well, he hasnt been on the site since then.....

let's get something straight: golden eagle offers both 2- & 4-stroke options...all EPA & C.A.R.B. compliant :cool: