which vintage bike should i put engine on

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  1. tecolote14

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    hi i'm alvino dormido gonzales aka (jiffy silent psycho) i am an artist a painter ,singer, astral traveler, joker,smoker, midnight toker,ect i collect vintage autos ,bicycles,aztec antiqueties, persian silver from the 1800's and any thing else i can stuff my sea trains with. these are all my bikes . trying to figure which one to put engine on.if you have any suggestion's they would be helpfull

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  2. RFaust

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    Whoa, that red and black higgins is it! wow, where did you ever find that one?
    Robert Faust
    Redwood City, CA
  3. tecolote14

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    i got a call about a 6 months ago in porterville ca. a friend said there was some guy at his house selling 4 bikes . i got there and right away fell in love with the higgins. there was also a monark with a behive and deep deep fenders. and a huffy space bike ect. these bike looked like they had been sitting at least 30 years . i ended up giving him 120.00 which he spent 30 seconds later on crystal meth. took me about a week to clean the bikes up. the monark was a girls i took it apart and put all the parts on a boys schwinn. thanks for asking

    TAYLOR MADE New Member

    Who is the chick?
  5. james65

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    Which bike

    Higgins all the way!
  6. tecolote14

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    a hoodie from round the way. oh the things she dose with baby carrots
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    One ?? The one bike has an " Angel " on it ,,, but what's with those 2 spooky angels on each side of her??
  8. ken murphy

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    Vintage bikes

    Those bikes are classics the thing is brakes coaster brakes- scary I've broke 2 axcels------think about it the sprockett is drive'n the wheel and coaster brakes- lock look out! Snap went my axcel.You can braze posts on your frame to accomidate pull brakes thats what I did yo my lil huffy.
    or buy a moutain bike with the v frame off of craigs list,then beef up the back wheel 12 G spokes.
    My used to be friend broke it the next tyme-----
    happy trails;
    P.S. Good front suspension makes alot better ride.

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  9. wheelbender6

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    I normally wouldn't put a motor on a classic bike but you have quite a few. I'd motorize the last one; The headlight tank Huffy. You can mount an antique looking fuel tank under the seat so that you don't cover up the original tank.
    I like the green bike but you will not be able to mate a rag joint sprocket to that 60 spoke rear wheel.
  10. james65

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    Which bike

    Being an artist, I am sure that you are tempted to paint them. However think long and hard befor you paint some of them. They can be painted a hundred time but only be original once.

    I did paint my old Roadmaster but it,s resale value was cheap anyway. Still I did as little as possiable to it. Also I bought some new parts just to preserve the old ones.

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  11. Lazieboy

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    Witch bike to motorize

    Green one.