whizzer bike

this isnt mine but it is really cool
That is one of the old originals on a Schwinn frame they are Really Cool. Very hard to find in that condition. They currently make a new Taiwanese made knock-off that run a little over a grand and have to be registered as a Motorcycle due to the 120cc engine. They even have a vin number and title when you buy them.
if that one is original it could be worth around 3-4 thousand if not more

it sure is cool
That is definitely an older Schwinn frame you can tell by the welding around the neck and the flat forks. I had a 5 speed cruiser in the mid 70's.
That is nice, but the engine is the first generation of the new repops- 1998 WC-1.
The first year repops had the cylinder head bolts go through the head and into the crankcase. The original and the 1999 to current didn't have this arrangement.
Dang nice ride!!!