Who's got a horn?

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  1. a/c man

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    New Maryland law for mopeds (as we are classified) requires :
    "Mopeds must have appropriate headlights and rear reflectors, must have brakes and be equipped with a bell or other warning device capable of being heard from a distance of at least 100"
    Anybody out there got a horn on your ride?
    I don't want to put one on, but I do consider myself a "stay out of trouble" kind of guy.
    This one fits the criteria but who wants this ugly contraption rigged to their bike?
    Please give me some practical ideas guys..

  2. professor

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    There was talk about that very horn this week. As a saftey devise- that looks great as long as it is pointed away from you, I guess it sounds like a semi horn- really wakes up encroaching car drivers. Cool idea, but maybe need another quieter one for ordinary use.
    I have an old time bulb horn that sounds like a goose honking for kids playing in the road.
  3. snakedoctor

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    I've got a horn on my bike that runs on a 9volt battery. Very loud and was easy to install. Also a horn button that attaches to the handlebars. I found it on the Web and before you purchase it, they will let you hear what it sounds like on your computer. It sounded great and I purchased it. It was about $40.00 If you look at my albumn, you make see it on my bike. Very nice horn