Wild in the snow



I've been sitting here contemplating the coming winter. Wondering what I can do when I can't ride my bike. Then it hit me. How about this?

Someone paid me $.13 a lb. to take this from them last summer.
snow bike_1.jpg

And it occured to me that, combining variations of Iride's and Srdavo's latest weed eater/chainsaw projects, and giving them an Alaskan twist, I might be able to come up with something like this.
snow bike.jpg

Motor mounted right below my b... bottom, chain down to a sprocket on an axle atached somehow to the chainstay, turning wheels on both sides of the board with big paddles on 'em. Kinda like a sidewheel riverboat.

Reasonable? I think not! But that rarely stops me. (Cabin fever already?)

I posted this here because I do intend to use it on the streets, and it is wild.
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van, what if you could rig up a "pusher" with an ATV tire, mounted "swingarm" style, that uses it's own weight for traction?

it should rock the house if you can keep it on the ground...i see white rooster-tails in your future, you wildman :devilish:
Other nuts

See I'm not the only one with a ski bike.

ski bike rally at Sipapu, NM.jpeg

Okay. Maybe I am the only one silly enough to think about putting a motor on one. Ya gotta love the shoes.
Van, have you seen the inner drive wheels with the paddles on them, for the snow mobiles?
It looks like it might be too small but if you had two of them chained or pullied together, they might work.
I'm sure you can get all kinds of junk snowmobiles up there.
I have one maybe two in my junk pile. If you need them let me know.
i just quickly went out and measured the front wheel axel length on my little girl's bike they are 10 inch in diameter with no pedals you only need the sprocket your gonna mount so if you weld two wheels together side by side then put mountian bike axel in it with your sprocket you'd have two contact points in the snow or you mayy be able to find some sort of belt that wrap around both tires just a thought though.....wayde
or one of these type wheels

if it works i'll buy the plans off you as in niagara falls we get a fair bit of snow too and it'd be awesome


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Hi Doc, I'm not sure which wheels you're talking about. Could you get a pic?

Wayde, My bike is a friction drive, or I'd just run screws through old tires and put liners in 'em. I'm looking for something that will get me back into some of the lakes back in the mountains etc. When the snow is smooth, those lakes are a great place to just open it up and go. We sometimes visit the 100 mph neighborhood on sleds. And in between runs, you can ice fish.

What I was thinking of today is the axle and wheels from a self propelled mower. Take a track from a snow machine and wrap it around the tires somehow....

Another of my concerns is - How easy will the motor start in sub-zero? Don't want to do a McCandless.