New Member, Stingray, and Legality on the road in Maryland

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by PeterForDictator, May 22, 2009.

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    Hey I'm new here to the forums!

    My name is peter, i'm a college student in MD. I am currently awaiting the arrival of my newest ebay purchases, a 66cc (80cc) pk-l80 kit, and schwinn stingray occ (chrome w/orange flames). Motor should get here today, bike, probably tuesday due to memorial day.

    So this Barry mount for the schwinn stingrays is pricey... i mean it's a quarter of the price of the bike i'm putting together, anyone have a used one or a custom one they'd be willing to sell me for less $.. say under $30? i mean, it's a piece of metal and some bolts we're talking about here. I will make my own if i have to. really, i'm not complaining.

    So Legality on the road is an issue. I understand that there is a category of "custom built motorcycle" or "home made motor cycle" for registering your bike and getting a VIN number. Being over 50cc i will be required to tag it and have insurance to drive this on the road legally -- which i fully intend to do. If anyone has experience in maryland or elsewhere in this area and would like to be of assistance, please contact me in PM or in forum.


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    welcome aboard.

    I'm afraid I'm not familiar with Maryland law. But most of us have found that in most states (with a couple of honorable excepions) that you just can't register them. I've heard of the "custom built motorcycle" category and I've also heard that it's a huge pain in the neck.

    We simply see ourselves as riding a bicycle and nothing more. And most of us get away with it.

    Good luck and have fun.