Wont start

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by tweakskater510, Aug 23, 2009.

  1. well ok i got spark
    got compression
    i sprayed starter fluid started for like 10 seconds then it died
    and its getting fuel

  2. Hawaii_Ed

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    A little more details would help. If it starts with starting fluid (I thought was a no-no on 2 stroke?) It has to be fuel related. Maybe it is getting fuel to the carb, but the needle valve is stuck, not letting fuel out.
  3. yeah starting fluid is a no no
    uhmm i took apart the carb and sprayed it out with carb cleaner still nothing
  4. Hawaii_Ed

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    Well, I'd say try starting it several times and look at the plug, if it is totally dry, fuel is not making it to it. But my feeling is has to be fuel related. Just take the drain screw out of the bottom of the bowl, does any fuel come out there?
  5. GearNut

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    WD40 works as a decent starting fluid for 2 stroke engines.
  6. i bought a carb from my bud it works good now
  7. Hawaii_Ed

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    Good news, I love it when I am right :D Glad you are on the road again my friend!