Illinois Motorized Bicycle Laws

Illinois Motorized Bicycle Laws

In Illionois a motorized bicycle is classed as a moped. A moped is defined as as vehicle with:

  • An automatic transmission.
  • An engine no more than 50 cc (2hp).
  • A maximum speed of 30 MPH & the ability to reach 20 MPH over 1 mile of distance.


To ride a motorized bicycle in Illionois you only need a regular IL drivers license so long as the bicycle does not exceed the above criteria.

If the motorized bicycle exceeds any of the criteria but is less than 150cc it is classed as a motor-driven cycle, and therefore you need a Class L license.


Motorized bicycles must be registered and titled to ride on public roads in Illinois. The fees consist of the following:
  • $41 Registration fee.
  • $95 Title fee.
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